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Psychological Facts of Children

1=>Your child understands what you are saying before they begin to speak. 2=>At preschool age, your child begins to see themselves as an individual. 3=>An average baby will triple his birth weight in his first year. 4=> A 2 year old has twice as many neural pathways as an adult proved by research. 5=>Your child

Psychological Facts of Body Language

1=>Psychology says, If you are meeting someone for the first time, you only have about 7 seconds to make a powerful first impression. 2=>Getting and keeping someone’s attention and attraction is believed to have more to do with body language and tone and speed of your voice rather than things that you actually say. 3=>While

Psychological Facts of Biology.

1=>Doing things that scare you will make you more happier and a chemical called adrenaline released by the brain is responsible for it. 2=>Humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas.It may be shocking but Psychologically it’s true. 3=>When someone cries tears of joy, the first teardrop would always come from the right eye. (Tears

Psychological Facts of ANIMALS

1=>When dogs look at their human companions in the eye,it may actually be a look of love,rather than simple begging. 2=>Animals do also have friends, but cows have been shown in studies to have ‘best friends’ – even showing signs of distress when they get separated from them.Also Cows have four stomachs. 3=>Dolphins are another

Psychological Facts of Anger

1=>Controlling Facial Muscles Can Help Control your Anger.Studies have shown that if you don’t frown when you’re angry, you won’t feel the emotion in much intensity. 2=>Anger is more than just an emotion, it actually has physiological effects that occur alongside of it. These range from racing heartbeats, sweating, and increase in blood pressure. 3=>It’s

Psychological Facts of Attraction

1=>Do you know that, facial symmetry is considered as a sign of beauty and attraction around the world? 2=>A study shows that men who feel hungry often, preferred women with higher weights. 3=>A study conducted in United Kingdom found that whenever a woman finds a man attractive, she speaks with a higher pitched voice. 4=>Evolutionary