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Android Smooth Bottom Navigation Bar download free source code

A lightweight Android material bottom navigation bar library. Bottom navigation bars make it easy to explore and switch between top-level views needs to add a dependency to the Material Components for Android library. A light-weight library to easily make beautiful Navigation Bar with a ton of 🎨 customization options. A simpler way of implementing the Bottom Navigation View on Android. A

Clean login form bootstrap snippet free download source code

Clean login form snippet made with Bootstrap 4. It consists of a super simple layout containing only email and password inputs, plus a submit button. The clean markup and CSS styles make it very easy to customize the form and add more form fields as needed. Features Beautiful & responsive design Perfect browser support Easy to

Bootstrap| Responsive Login Form

If you are looking for a login form that can be used for all types of websites and mobile applications, then this is the best one. The login form created here is the ideal one with animations. Awesome HTML and bootstrap login form download full source code. It lets you create awesome designs. By using this framework,

Awesome Login Form

Gorgeous, clean, and modern form with an option to log in with Facebook or Google. All buttons have a catchy hover effect that spices up the experience. A sophisticated, professional, and engaging login form that costs you nothing, yet the outcome will be very premium-like. Make it yours, customize it if necessary or simply stick