500 + General knowledge questions with answers

500 + General Knowledge Questions with Answers

Hello friend, In this article you will find 500 + General knowledge Questions with Answers from the world. It contains categories like Science, History, Technology, Cyber security, and Facts.

500 + General Knowledge Questions with Answers are listed bellow:-

Questions with Answers
1What Does An Armadillo Taste Like
2The Aztecs Reckoned It Was The Food Of The Gods What Was
3William Sydney Porter Is Better Known As Who (Literature)
4What Was The Name Of Sancho Panza’s Donkey
5In Miami, It Is Illegal For Men To Be Seen In Public Wearing What
*Any strapless gown
6Greek-Roman Apollo Babylonian Marduk Indian Vishnu Gods?
7Collective Nouns – A Group Of What Is A Charm
8Which Bruce Made The Cover Of Time In 1975
*Jaws – Bruce was the shark
9In Zion City Illinois Its Illegal To Do What
*Make ugly faces at anyone
10Iceland Glima Iran Kushti Turkey Yagli Russia Sambo What Is It
11What Is Steganography
*Invisible ink writing
12Which US States Constitution Was The First To Prohibit Slavery
13Sacred Carvings Is The Literal Translation Of What Word
14In Ancient India How Were Dead Parents Traditionally Disposed Of
*Eaten by offspring as a sign of respect
15What Does The Black And White BMW Logo Represent
*Spinning Propeller -BMW made planes
16What Is The Name Of The Ruling House Of Monaco
17Link Apollo, Ghengis Khan And Abraham Lincoln On TV
*All met James T Kirk
18Where Did Doughnuts Originate
19Who Is The Roman Goddess Of Flocks And Herds
20Frigophobia Fear Of What
*Being Cold
21Novel Gave Hemmingway Nick Speaker Of The Lost Generation
*The Sun Also Rises
22If You Landed At Mirabel Airport Where Are You
23A Temple In Sri-Lanka Is Dedicated To What
*Buddha’s tooth
24How Did Lavan In Utah Get Its Name
*Its Naval backwards middle of Utah
25Who Had A Dog Called Boatswain
*Lord Byron
26Who Was The First President To Be Televised
*F D Roosevelt World’s Fair 1939
27Which US City Was Once Named Porkopolis
28Gary Boker Bobby Harrison Ray Rodger Was In What Pop Group
*Procul Harem
29What Are Puli Sloghi And Kuvaszok
*Exotic dog breeds
30Who Is Dumbells
*Donald Ducks sister
31What Elements Name Comes From The Greek For Light Bearing
32Surveyed 70% Off US Females Said They Preferred This To Sex What
33How Did Emperor Claudius Die
*Choked on a Feather
34What Does The Australian Slang Word Hooroo Mean
35Which Shakespeare Play Has An English Placename In Its Title
*The merry wives of Windsor
36Mother Carey’s Chickens Sailors Slang For What Bird(S)
*Storm Petrels
37The Bovespa Is The Stock Exchange In Which Country
38What City Was Known As Christiana Until 1925
*Oslo – Sweden
39Collective Nouns – A Train Of What
40What Is The Only Duty Of Police Gracthenvissers In Amsterdam
*Motorists in canals
41If You Have Dorophillia What Turns You On
*Animal Skins or furs
42What Does A Geophage Enjoy
*Eating earth
43Who Was The Founder Of The Quakers (Both Names)
*George Fox
44Cockney Rhyming Slang What Is Elephants (Trunk)
45What Mammal Has Hair – On The Soles Of Its Feet
*Polar Bear
46What Did The Ancient Greeks Use Instead Of Soap
*Olive Oil
47What Magazine Says We Are Number One In A Field Of One
48Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone – Which NT Book
*Matthew 4.4
49Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer Had A Girlfriend – Name Her
50Pilgrims Visit Mecca Where Is Mecca
*Saudi Arabia
51How Did Billie Holiday Get The Nickname Lady
*Refused to pick up tips with vagina
52Shoot The Moon Is A Term Used In Which Card Game
*Hearts – win all
5320s Robert 50s Robert 70s Michael What US Top Boys Name 90s
54The Greek Version Of What Is Called The Septuagint
*Old Testament
55Where Is The World’s Oldest Belltower AD 1069
*St Benedict’s Church Rome
56Where Is John Frost Bridge Shown On A Bridge Too Far
*Arnhem – it was renamed after him
57Which Language Never Have Spelling Contests – Spell As Sounded
58Who Is The Patron Saint Of Bricklayers
*St Steven
59Triskadeccaphobia Is The Fear Of What
*Number 13
60Walt Disney Had An Obsessive Compulsion With What
*Cleanliness – washed hands every 5 min
61What In Arthurian Legend Was The Siege Perilous
*Empty Chair for grail finder
62Which Countries Name Translates As Land Of The Free
63What Is It Illegal To Pawn In New York
*American flag
64In 1880 Smiths Patent Germ Bread Changed Its Name To What
65An Exultation Is A Group Of What Animals
66We’ve Heard Phrase I Don’t Give A Toss – But Tos Greek For What
67What Is The Most Common Surname For Motel Owners In The US
68A Sheep Duck And Rooster Were Worlds The First What
*Passengers in the hot air balloon
69Joseph Levitch Became Famous As Who
*Jerry Lewis
70In The Bible Who Climbed Mount Nebo
*Moses to see the promised land
71What Country Has The Most Elephants
72The Mason-Dixon Line Separates Pennsylvania And What State
73Nebkheperura Was His First Name What Do We Call Him Today
74In Paris What Are FD Roosevelt Stalingrad Louis Blanc
*Metro Stations
75Apis Mnevis Onuphis 3 Names For The Sacred What Of Egypt
76Who Was The First Character To Speak In Star Wars
77The Character Lieutenant Pinkerton Appears In What Work
*Madam Butterfly
78John Palmer Is Buried In York What Better Known Name
*Dick Turpin
79Tarifa Foods Are Forbidden To Which Religious Group
*Jews – opposite of Kosher
80What Is The State Capital Of New Jersey
81What Are The Chiuhauhan Nubian And Alaskan
81In Which Dickens Novel Does The Character Fezziwig Appear
*Christmas Carol -Scrooges Boss
83What First Name Has Been Used By Most Presidents
84Seth Wheeler Patented It In 1871 – What
*Wrapping Paper
85What Colour Is Puke
*Dark Green
86In WW2 In What French City Did The Germans Surrender
87Which English Kings Armour Has The Biggest Codpiece
*Henry 8
88What Is The Correct Name For A Two-Handed Timber Saw
89The Milk Of What Creature Will Not Curdle
90Philippe Pages Is The Real Name Of What Pianist
*Richard Clayderman
91Acinonyx Jubatus Is What Big Pussy
92Chocolate Crisp Introduced In 1935 Was Renamed What 1937
*Kit Kat
93What Wondrous Creation Was Built By Sostratus Of Cnidos
*Pharos of Alexandria
94Geotropism Affects What
*Plants its gravity growth response
95Depeche Mode The 80s Groups Name Translates As What
*Fast Fashion
96Who Cut The US Flag To Pieces And Was Honoured For It
*Robert Peary left bits at the North Pole
97Coq Bang Can Be Found In Which Country
98If A Male Ass Is A Jackass What Is A Female Called
99Only One Miracle Is Mentioned In All Four Gospels What Is It
*Feeding of 5000
100In Which Film Was The Best Supporting Actor Oscar Won In 1975
*The Sunshine Boys George Burns
101Who Designed Clothes Under The Emporio Label
*Georgio Armani
102Mr Chips Said Goodbye – From Which Fictional School
103How Did The Greek Dramatist Aeschalys Die
*Eagle dropped a tortoise on head
104Who Was The Governor Of New South Wales In 1808
*Captain William Bligh
105Who Was THE Woman To Sherlock Holmes
*Irene Adler
106Lobster Newberg Was Invented At What Famous Restaurant
107In Heraldry Animals Addorsed Are In What Position
*Back to Back
108According To Law What Must All London Taxis Always Carry
*Bale of hay for horse
109Brand Name Was Translated As Bite The Wax Tadpole In Russian
*Coca Cola
110Broadway 59 Music Ordinary Couple, Preludium, Processional
*The Sound of Music
111What Were Tricity Triumph, Kelvinator, Lec De Lux
112What Is Gerber’s Most Popular Flavour Of Baby Food
*Mashed Bananas
113In Which Novel Would You Find Reference To “The Cracks Of Doom”
*Lord of the Rings
114What Is The Worlds Longest Insect
*Borneo stick insect
115Sir Henry Cole Got John Callcot Horsley Design? To Save Time
*Christmas card 1843
116What Famous Reference Work Is Illegal In Texas
*Britannica – It shows beer making
117The Word Mattress What Taken From Which Language
118What Canadian City Has The Most Bars Per Capita
*Halifax Nova Scotia
119What Is Virga
*Rain the don’t reach the ground
120This Sport Is Called Camogie Women Play What’s It When Men Do
121USA UK And Irish Women Golfers Play For Which Trophy
*Curtis cup
122Which Country Has The World’s First Greyhound Racing Track
123From Which Alphabet Do All Western Alphabets Originate
124George Bush Removed What From The White House Menus
*Ears Broccoli
125In The Chinese Calendar What Year Follows Monkey
126What Is A Young Pigeon Called
127Semiotics Is The Study Of What
*Signs or symbols
128On Average The French Eat 20 Million What A Year
129The Pogues Took Their Name From Pogue Mahone – What Mean
*Kiss my arse
130There Are 150 What In The Bible
131By What Other Name Is The Double Album The Beatles Known
*The White album
132Name The Companion Of The Cartoon Character Secret Squirrel
*Morocco Mole
133On “Sesame Street,” What Is The Name Of Big Bird’s Teddy Bear
134Pavarti Or Uma Is The Wife Of Who In Hindu Religion
135Who Is The Greek Goddess Of Witchcraft And Black Magic
136Wakame Tengusa And Mozuku Are Japanese What
*Edible seaweed
1371804 J M Jacquard Invented First Programmable Device – What
*Loom (programmed punch cards)
138Who Was The Original Peeping Tom Looking At
*Lady Godiva
139Cornbread, Turkey And Sweet Potatoes Made Up The First What
*TV Dinner
140Who Directed Dr Strangelove – 2001 – The Shining (Full Name)
*Stanley Kubrick
141Xanthic, Fallow And Aureate Shades Of Which Colour
142What Is The Capital Of Sicily
143Which Recreational Activity Causes The Most Bone Fractures
*Aerobic Dancing
144In What Is The Shannon Trophy Competed For
*World Chess Trophy
145The Opera The Tsar Sultan Contains What Famous Musical Piece
*The Flight of the Bumblebee
146In Greek Legend What Was Eaten On The Island Of Jerba
147Which Country Set Up The World’s First Chemistry Lab In 1650
148Which Animals Make A Sound Called Nuzzing
149In Thailand, It’s Illegal To Step On What
*Nation’s Currency
150An Average American Does It 2.2 Times A Week – What
*Visit a Supermarket
151What Links Stags Tails, Pickled Worms, Gallstones, Tomatoes
*Once thought to be Aphrodisiacs
152Ancient Roman Brides Wore A Wedding Dress – What Colour
153On A Poll 50% Men Said Sex In Bed Favourite 20% Fem What Fem
*Reading 23%
154In 1477 The First Advert In English Offered What For Sale
*Prayer Book
155In What Sport Did Prince Leopold Of Bavaria Compete
*Motor Racing
156Levi Stubbs Renaldo Benson Abdul Fakir Laurence Payton Who
*The Four Tops
157Lake Tittikaka Is In Peru And What Other Country
158Who Played The Scarecrow In The Wiz (All Black Wiz Of Oz)
*Michael Jackson
159What Is The Correct Name For A Virgin (Uncalfed) Cow
160The Male Of What Species Explodes On Mating – Then Dies
161Caesar Salad Originated In Which Country
162In Which Game Would You Use The Royal Fork
*Chess knight threatens king queen
163What 1969 Film Last Line Clint Eastwood “I Fall Off Em Everywhere”
*Where Eagles Dare
164What Were The First Tennis Balls Stuffed With
*Human Hair
165What Colour Was Tweety Bird Originally
166Double Diamond, Croquet And Rover Terms In Which Sport/Game
167The Bermuda Bowl Is World Championship In Which Game
168What Is The French Phrase That Means Already Seen
*Déjà vu
169The Word Sahara Is Arabic For What
170What Gets Its Name From The Aztec Meaning Bitter Water
*Chocolate – xocatl
171What Group Sang About A Suicide Blonde
172What Writer Was Paid $5 For Writing Thanks
*Rudyard Kipling
173What Were Twinkletoes – Lucky Jim (Stuffed Cats) First To Do
*Fly across Atlantic Alcock Brown
174In North Carolina $50 Fine For Having What Furniture On Front Porch
175Who Would You Expect To Find In Castle Gandolfo
*The Pope
176In The Batman Comics What Is The Full Real Identity Of The Riddler
*Edward Enigma E Enigma
177In Bali, They Observe Noebi A Day Of What
178What Pop Group Were Dedicated Followers Of Fashion
*The Kinks
179What Film Made 58 Times – Cartoon, Porrno, Operatic, Ballet
180In 1900 Caterer Harry Stevens Introduce What Words To Language
*Hot Dogs
181In Friends Where Does Joey Keep His Favourite Book
*In the Freezer
182In Japan, They Sell The Last Climax – What Is It
*Brand of tissues
183What Is A Moab
*Type of hat
184Which US State Is Known As The Nutmeg State
185Which Item First Appeared In Superior Hotel Montana In 1908
*Gideon Bible
186Worlds First Paperback Book Written In 1867 By Goethe What Title
*Faust I
187What Are Waist Overalls
*Jeans – Levi Struss
188Dimitri Mendeleyev Is Credited With The Discover Of What
*Periodic Table
189Where Could You Find The Round Window And The Oval Window
*In the human ear
190Which Dog Breed Gets Its Name From German Meaning To Splash
*The Poodle
191Who Built The Flamingo Hotel In Las Vegas
*Bugsy Siegel
192In 1979 What Did President Carter Apologise To Australia About
*Skylab falling on their country
193What Kind Of Person Would Have Had A Twat On
*A Nun part of the habit
194Dinner Time By Paul Terry Was Which Cartoon First
195John Flynn Invented What Service In Australia
*Flying Doctors
196In The Original Wizard Of Oz What Colour Were The Slippers
197Who Captured The First Confederate Flag In The US Civil War
*George Armstrong Custer
198What Can You Shag In Georgia But It’s Illegal In Florida
*A Porcupine
199What Are Demy, Medium, Royal, Double Crown
*Paper Sizes
200p000 Who Is The Boss Of UNCLE
*Mr Waverley
201Spanish Restaurant If You Ask For La Quenta What Do You Get
*The Bill
202What Roman Emperor Was Killed By An Overdose Of Laxative
*Nero – by an aunt
203Edith Knight Wrote Which Classic Story (Later Filmed)
*Lassie come home
204Information About What Subject Is Recorded In Wisden
20546% Of Women Say This Is Better Than Sex – What
*A good night’s sleep
206Clamart Means What Food Will Be Used In The Dish
207What Is The Oldest Bridge Over The Seine In Paris
*Pont Neuf
208Vodka And Orange Makes Up What Cocktail
209Grace Robin Was The First Model – To Model What In 1930
*Contact Lenses
210Who Captained The Sloop The Witch Of Endor
*Horatio Hornblower
211John Le Carr Invented What Common Term Used In Espionage
212What Liqueur Is Prepared From Cumin And Caraway Seeds
213Who Wrote The Novel Invisible Man In 1952
*Ralph Waldo Emerson
214Ignoring Cats What Large Animals Purr When They Are Happy
*Brahma Bulls
215What Was Buddy Hollies Real First Name
216“There And Back Again” Is An Alternative Title Of Which Novel
*The Hobbit
217Mafalda Is What Shaped Pasta
*Corrugated Strips
21843% Of Women Want To Try Sadomasochism After Smelling What
*Vanilla extract
219Who Has Won The Most Oscars
*Walt Disney
220Mosi-Oa-Tunya – Smoke That Thunders – What Natural Feature
*Victoria falls
221What Links Humphry Davie, Michael Faraday, Madam Curie
*Poisoned by chemicals work
222What Common Word In Morse Is…….
223What Is MMM Minus MD
*MD 3000-1500=1500
224In The Arabian Nights What Was Ali Babas Job
225Urea Is Only Found In Humans And What Other Animal
*Dalmatian Dogs
226Cab Is A Shortened Version Of What Word
227Female Bathing Caps Were Invented To Prevent What
*Clogged up drains
228What Does Abraham Lincoln Never Do In Any Photographs
229Clomipramine An Anti Depressant Had What Unusual Side Effect
*Orgasm when yawning
230In Hindu Mythology Meru Is Equal To What Greek Site
231Santa Clause Works In USA But Who Delivers Gifts In Syria
*A Wise mans Camel
232Confederate General William Smith Carried What Into Battle
*A Blue Parasol
233What Is The Most Popular Saints Name
*Felix – 67 John 65
234Collective Nouns – What’s A Group Of Donkeys
*A Herd
235We’ve Only Just Begun Was Background Music Advertising What
*Bank – R Carpenter heard it
236Taidje Khan Became Famous Under Which Name
*Yul Brynner
237What Did D H Laurence Do With His Horse Aaron When It Died
*Had the skin made a Duffel Bag
23856% Of Men Cannot Tell You The Colour Of What In Their House
*Vacuum Cleaner
239Where Would You Find Lunate Triquetral And Hamate
*Bones in Wrist
240In Animal Farm What Kind Of Creature Was Bluebell
*A Dog
241The Indestructible Iron Man Fights Against The Electronic Gang Hong Kong Translation Of What Film
*A View to a Kill
242Parsley Is A Member Of Which Family
243In Bristol England An Old Law Says Dogs Can Do What
*Watch sex in your bed
244Which Italian City Is At The Heart Of Its Fashion Industry
245A Digitabulist Collects What
246Who Betrayed Jesus To The Romans
*Judas Iscariot
247What Is Britain’s Largest Carnivorous Animal
248What’s The Main Feature Of A Chong Sang Skirt
*Split upside
249What Does A Hypodermic Literally Mean
*Under skin
250What Is Absinthe Traditionally Flavoured With
251Morris Frank Brought Buddy From Swiss In 1928 What Was Buddy
*First Seeing eye dog in the USA
252In Old English What Is A Frieosan
*A Sneeze
253What Pop Singer Was Born In Lucknow India
*Cliff Richard
254Where Can You See Ada Byron
*Woman on Microsoft watermark
255Which Dinosaurs Name Translates As Double Beam
256According To Christian Religion What Happened At Epiphany
*Wise men visited
257What Is Joeys Favourite Food In Friends
258What Do Homodonts Have That Hetrodonts Don’t
*Avengers Same shaped teeth
259Woolworth’s – The 5 /10 Cent Store Started In Which Us State 1979
*Lancaster Pennsylvania
260Where Was Robinson Crusoe’s Home, According To The Book
261What Links Ada – Lisp – Algol
*Program Languages
262Alphonso D’Abruzzo Became Famous As Who
*Alan Alda
263A French Wine Described As Doux Is What
*Medium Sweet
264Victoria Is The Only Australian State Without What
*Letter S in name
265In What Game Would You Use A Squidger
*Tiddlywinks – Big disc
266Which English Brewery Has The Oldest Patent On Beer
*Bass Ale
2671 In 20 Children Born In US Today Will Do What
*Serve time in prison
268What Is Dennis The Menace’s Last Name
269Melvin R Bissell Invented What In 1876 In The USA
*Carpet Sweeper
270Jan 21, 1976, What Linked Bahrain And Rio De Janeiro
*1st Concord passenger destinations
271What Fish Was The Subject Of Dispute Spain Canada In 1995
272Where In The US By Law Do You Not Have To Pay Taxes
*An Indian Reservation
273Which Of Santa’s Reindeer Comes First Alphabetically
274The Horned Dinosaur Torosaurus Had The Biggest What On Land
*Head – Skull nine feet long
275To Whom Is The Wizard Of Oz Dedicated
*The Young in Heart
276Red Flags Flown By French Ships – Joli Rouge Origin Of What Name
*Jolly Rodger
277French Artist Aquabouse Paints Cows In What Material
*Cow shit
278Augusto Pinochet Was The Ruler Of Which Country
279What Beverage Named After The UK Prime Minister Of The 1830s
*Earl Grey Tea
280What Is The American Equivalent Of The Irish Poteen
281Name The Actor Who Played Ben Casey (Both Names)
*Vince Edwards
282Vivaldi The Composer Had What Other Profession
283Who Was Captured And Kept In A Cage By Stromboli
284In What Hitchcock Film Did Shirley MacLaine Debut In 1956
*The trouble with Harry
285Buckroe Beach Virginia Illegal Put What In Someone’s Swimsuit
*A Dead Fish
286What Tree Can Be English, American Or Eurasian
287In Oxford Ohio, It’s Illegal For A Woman To Disrobe Where
*Before a man’s picture
288What Was Disney’s Donald Duck Originally Called
*Donald Drake
289Richard Carlisle Invented An Early Vending Machine Selling What
290Carlos Menim Was Elected President Of What Country In 1989
291What Fictional Doctor Employed A Butler Named Poole
*Dr Jekyll
292Both Sexes Get Them But Men More Often – Get What
293Women 375 – 1 Man 1400 – 1 Chance Of Doing What
*Living to 100
294Who Had The Motto Non-Sans Droit – Not Without Right
*William Shakespeare
295In Astrology Aquarians Are Ruled By What Planet
296In A Gynocracy – Who Rules
297The Mantu And Heath Tests Check For What Infectious Disease
298What City Stands On The River Torrens
*Adelaide – Australia
299What Tennis Player Had Trials With Bayern Munich Soccer Club
*Boris Becker
300Legend Says Tortellini Was Created To Honour What Part Of Venus
*Her belly button
301A Cappella Is Unaccompanied Singing But What It Literally Mean
*In the style of the chapel
302In Japan What Is Jigali
*Female Suicide
303What Islands Name Is Australian Slang For A Football Shirt
304What Is The Last Element – Alphabetically
305In What Famous US Building Would You Find Broadway
*Alcatraz – main prison block
306By Indonesian Law What Is The Penalty For Masturbation
*Decapitation Which head? :o)
307Where Is The Salvador Dali Museum Located
*St Petersburg Florida
308Who Was The Third And Favourite Son Of David In Old Testament
309What Is The Most Common Sexual Complaint Of Females Over 50
*Vaginal Dryness
300What Hollywood Actress Was The Laurence Olivier Of Orgasms
*Hedy Lamarr
311What Shakespeare Play Course True Love Never Did Run Smooth
*Midsummer Nights Dream
312Common Non-Domestic Animal Is Not Mentioned In The Bible
313It Costs $30 A Day In Austria To Do This Nude In Winter – What
*Cross country skiing
314What Links Sergeant Joe Friday And Babe Ruth
*714 – Fridays badge no Ruth record
315In Utah, You Can Get A Licence To Hunt What
316Vodka, Orange Juice And Cranberry Juice Make Which Cocktail
317In Star Trek Generation Who Was The Chief Of Security Killed Off
*Tasha Yar
318In What Elvis Film Does He Play A Hillbilly Garage Hand
*Loving You
319Marie Tussaud Was Born In What Country
320Who Died In 1821 From Arsenic Poisoning From The Wallpaper
*Napoleon Bonaparte
321Where Would You Find A Corbicula
*Honey bee – sacks carry pollen
322On Average North American Women Do What 83 Times A Year
*Have Sex
323Name Both The Greek And Roman God Of Prophecy And Plagues
324What Is A Toque
*A Canadian winter hat
325In Music If F Major Is The Key What Is The Relative Minor
*D minor
326What Was Hitchcock’s First Film In Colour
327Who Wrote The Epic Poem Samson Agonistes
*John Milton
328Fuggles And Goldings Are Varieties Of What
329In Morse Code One Dash Four Dots What Number
330Collective Nouns – A Hedge Of What
331What Species Of Fish Is Caught Most
*Anchovetta – Anchovy
332In Which City Is The Worlds Oldest Museum – Ashmolean 1679
333Richard Arkwright Invented The Spinning Jenny What Job Had He
334Growing Up Skipper Mattel Doll 1970 What Happened Arm Turned
*Breasts Grew
335What Food Are Astronauts Prohibited Before A Mission
*Beans – Farts damage spacesuits
335Which Beer Was Advertised As Good For You
337What Is The State Insect Of Texas
*Monarch Butterfly
338Whose First Single Released July 1961 Was Buttered Popcorn
*The Supremes
339What Is A Marcupium
*A marsupials pouch
340Name The Country That Starts With A But Does Not End With A
341What Wood Was The Cross Supposed To Be Made Of
342What Is The Main Flavouring In A Greek Tzataili Sauce
343Thieves Liars Magicians And Who Were In Dantes 8th Circle Hell
344Who Received 800000 Fan Letters In 1933
*Mickey Mouse
345What Was Unique About All The Men’s Foil Winners 1952 Olympics
*All Left Handed
346Who Is The Patron Saint Of France
*St Denis
347William Perks Became More Famous As Who
*Bill Wyman
348What Started In the Early 1900s To Improve Sales Sports Newspaper
*Tour de France Le Petite Journal illustre
349What Does A Kayser Measure
350AdLib Is Short For The Latin Ad Libitum What’s It Literally Mean
*At Pleasure
351Earl D Biggers Created Which Oriental Detective (Both Names)
*Charlie Chan
352Englishman John Woodhouse Created Which Fortified Italian Wine
353What Was The Name Of The Horse Before Silver In Lone Ranger
354Who Sculpted Rima, Genisis And Ecco Homo
*Jacob Epstein
355At The Request Of EMI Who Was Painted Out Sarge Peppers Cover
*Mahatma Gandhi
356What Does A Librettist Do
*Write words to opera
357In 1984 BA Stewardess Called Police She’d Left What In Cupboard
*Husband in Bondage
358If You Were Performing A Fillip What Are You Doing
*Snapping Fingers
359The Zagros Mountain Range Is In Which Country
360Who Has Won The Soccer World Cup As A Player And A Coach
*Franz Beckenbauer
361What Fish Has Its Head At Right Angles To Its Body
*Sea Horse
362Spanakopita Is A Greek Pie Filled With What
*Sauteed Spinach
363Saint Lidwina Is The Patron Saint Of What Sport
*Ice Skating
364What Town Has The Highest Post Office In The US
*Climax Colorado
365To Whom Was The Eroica Dedicated
*Napoleon Bonaparte
366A Healthy Person Does It 16 Times A Day – What
367What Is The Fastest Growing Religion In Ireland
368An Enologist Studies What
369Which Animal Pronks
370In The US What Was The First TV Test Symbol
*Dollar sign
371What Is The Most Frequent Cause Of Business Errors
*Illegible handwriting
372What Is The Currency Of Austria
373Name Was The First City To Mint Its Own Gold Coins In 1252
*Florence – florin
374A Mountain Is The Symbol Of Which Film Company
375What Was The Traditional Ancient Persian New Year’s Day Gift
376What Animal Always Gives Birth To Same-Sex Twins
377September Should Be the Seventh Month By Name Why Is It Ninth
*Its 7th year used to start in March
378What Body Of Water Separates Australia And Papua New Guinea
*Torres Strait
379Who Played The Fugitive
*David Jason
380A Burning Oil Lamp Is The Symbol Of Which Organisation
381What Fruit Is Used To Flavour Southern Comfort
382What Is The Meaning Of The Sioux Word Tonka – Used For Toys
383In 1976 In USA 23 People Got Swine Fever And Died From What
*The Treatment
384By Law – Nebraska Barbers Can’t Do What Between 7 Am 7 Pm
*Eat Onions
385What Do Male Butterflies Like To Lick
*Stones – to get nutrients
386In Morrisville Penn, A Woman Must Have A Permit To Do What
*Wear Cosmetics
387In 2001 One Active UK Warship Named After An Englishman Who
*Sir Winston Churchill
388Where Would You Find Argine Esther Judith And Pallas
*Pack of cards -Queens names
389In Greek Mythology, Atlas Was A Member Of What Group
*The Titans
390Name The First African American Doll Produced By Mattel
391William The Boys Name Means What
*Resolute Protector
392In 1926 Japan Deleted 800000 Feet From US Films Showing What
*Kissing – it was unclean
393Where Did The Pied Piper Play
394What’s The Name Of The Technique For Measuring At A Distance
395What Device Did Henry Doherty Patent In 1972
*Pooper Scooper
396What Is The World’s Fastest Moving Insect
*Tropical Cockroach
397What Word The Highest String On An Instrument And A Mushroom
398Beatles Were 1st UK Group On Ed Sullivan Who Was Second
*The Searchers
399What Is The Most Common Food Allergen
400What Is Roasted In South Africa And Eaten Like Popcorn
401What 70s Pop Group Was Originally Called The Engaged Couples
402What Is Named After Dr Ernest Grafenberg
*The G spot
403Orient Express Restarted In 1982 Going From London To Where
404Which Pop Singer Was Nicknamed The Groover From Vancouver
*Brian Adams
405In California, You Can’t Legally Buy A Mousetrap Without What
*Hunting Licence
406Which Boys Name Means – He Who Resembles God
407What Bird Has The Maximum Recorded Life Span 36 Years
*Herring Gull – Royal Albatross
408It’s Illegal In The USA For Any Citizens To Have Contact With Who
*Extraterrestrials or their vehicles
409The Pharaoh Hound Is The Only Dog That Does What
*Blushes – Nose and ears redden
410In Which Country Could You Spend A Taka
411Whose Nickname Was Slowhand (Both Names)
*Eric Clapton
412Colonel Tom Parker Elvis’s Manager Had What Earlier Act
*Dancing Chickens -on a hot plate
413What Is The Most Chosen Name For US Schools Sports Teams
*Eagles or Tigers
414Who Said “The Child Is The Father Of The Man”
415What Was The Code Name For USA Landings Morocco In 1942
*Operation Torch
416In Georgia, It’s Illegal To Do What With A Fork
*Eat fried chicken
417Which Mountain Is Called Goddess Of The Harvest By The Locals
*Annapurna in Nepal
418Which Sort Of Court Case Causes The Most Perjury
*Contested Divorce
419What’s Round In London And Paris But Square In New York
*Underground / metro / tube tunnels
420What Is The Most Popular Mexican Beer In The USA
421Credits On All Bond Films Finish With 4 Words James Bond What
*James Bond will return
422What Is The Second Largest City In Ireland
423Who Wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blonds
*Anita Loos
424What Gets Nine Inches Longer When It Up
*Concord – heat expansion
425Bill Medly Was Part Of What Group
*The Righteous Brothers
426What American State Is The Badger State
427What Was The Soviet Vostok 3 Space Flight The First To Do
*Send back TV pictures
428Hannibal Had Only One What
*Eye after Rome attack
429Where Would You Find A Porcelator
*Sink – it’s the top drain hole
430Goldaming In Surrey Was The First English Town To Have What
*Electric street lighting
431Utah The States Name Comes From Navaho Meaning What
432In A French Restaurant What’s Plate De Jure Translate As
*Dish of the Day
433What Did The Ayatollah Khomeini Ban In 1979
*Music on radio
434Where Were The First Glass Mirrors Made In Europe Circa 1300
435In Tucson Arizona, It Is Illegal For A Woman To Wear What
436Stewart Goddard Changed His Name To Become What Pop Hit
*Adam Ant
437What Is The Name Of Fred Flintstones Paperboy
438In The UK They Are Butter Beans What In The USA
*Lima Beans
439Benjamin Briggs Captained What Mystery Ship
*Marie Celeste
440What Do The Four Quarters Of A Hot Cross Bun Symbolise
*Moon phases
441Who Named A City After His Horse Bucephalus
*Alexander the Great
442Who Entered A Contest To Find His Own Look-Alike And Came 3rd
*Charlie Chaplin
443Lutetia Is What The Romans Called Where
444Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton Became Famous As Who
*Dorothy Lamour
445Elizabeth Bennett Is The Central Character In What Novel
*Pride and Prejudice
446By Law In Denmark Before Driving You Must Check Car For What
*Children Underneath
447West Indian Cricketer Laurence Rowe Gave Up 1976 Mid Test Why
*Allergic to Grass
448Antananarivo Is The Capitol Of Where
*day 25 April Madagascar
449A Speed Stick Measure The Speed Of What
*Cricket balls
450In Youngstown Ohio, It’s Illegal To Run Out Of What
*Gas or petrol
451Who Is The Adopted Son Of Vito Corleone
*Tom Hagan
452Who Wrote The Novel Love Story (Both Names)
*Erich Segal
453On An Average Day In USA 40 People Are Hurt Doing What
454Who Was The Last English King To Die On The Battlefield
*Richard III
455Venus Observa Is The Technical Term For What
*Missionary position
456Who Was The Queen Of Sparta
*Helen of Troy
457What Is The Most Common Name For US Cities 66 Of Them
458By Law In Tulsa, You Need A Licensed Engineer To Open What
*Soda Bottle
459Who Wrote The Deceiver 1991 And The Fist Of God 1993
*Frederick Forsyth
460What US City Buys The Most Blond Hair Dye
*Dallas Texas
461In Which American State Is Wankers Corner
462Schschpiel Is What Game In Germany
463Ennisophobia Is Fear Of What
464Which Car Company Manufactured The Leganza
465Thumb Lock Mongolian Release Mediterranean Draw What Sport
466A Dog Is Canine – What Animal Is Ovine
467George The Boys Name Means What
468What Links Catalonia, Andalusia, Cantabria, Galicia
*Regions of Spain
46910% (By Weight) Of The Worlds Land Animals Are What Species
47060% Of Women Experience What
*Menstrual Cramps
471What Is The World’s Largest Herb
472What Did Britain Swap Havana For With Spain In 1763
473What Is Rayon Made From
*Wood pulp
474Which Nobel Prize Is Not Awarded Annually In Stockholm
475Which Group Had A Hit With Mr Tambourine Man
*The Byrds
476What Do Humans Get From The Cassava
477Where Would You Find Your Shank
*Sole of foot
478Which Acid Was First Prepared From Distilled Red Ants
*Formic acid
479On Any Given Day Half Of Americans Are On What
*A special Diet
480What Is The State Song Of California
*I love you California
481Seawise University Burned 9 Jan 1972 Used To Be Called What
*Queen Elizabeth
482Who Is Yogi Bears, Girlfriend
*Cindy Bear
483Beethoven Gave Up What While Writing His Ninth Symphony
484Which Word Meaning Crop Growing Comes From Latin To Plough
485In What Traditional Entertainment Does The Dog Toby Appear
*Punch and Judy
486What Is A Caldera
*Depression left by the volcano
487What Is A Bellwether
*Leader of a flock of sheep
488In The USA Where Would You See A Crossbuck
*X on railroad crossing
489Whose Favourite Poodle Was Called Rufus
*Winston Churchill
490Grace Metalious Wrote Which Famous Novel (And TV Show)
*Peyton Place
491Why Does A Cynophobe Fear
492In Baltimore, It Is Illegal To Take What To The Movie
*A Lion
493What Is A Havana Brown
*A Small Rabbit
494Name Award Shaped Like A Teapot With A Skull And Crossbones
*Agatha – for crime mystery writers
495What Was Paul The Apostles Real Name
496An Algophile Loves What
497What Is The White Trail Behind A Jet Plane Made From
*Ice Crystals
498Inspecting Galvaynes Groove Tells You What
*Age of horse – it’s on its teeth
499Musophobia Is A Fear Of What
500Greek Mythology What Underground River Souls Drink And Forget

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