Best stock market course in Hindi

Best Stock Market Course in Hindi

Best stock market course in Hindi is going to make India independent .

Are you really want to earn money ? even the big money then please change your job or business because today i am going to tell you the best way of the world to earn money without any boundation .

I am talking about Stock market . Stock market is only 1 solution to earn money with freedom of time . In Stock market market you just need some investment and knowledge to earn massive money . “Eat-Sleep-Trade” is a sentence which attract all the youth , even i also attracted to stock market only with this sentence because in stock market we can earn money without doing any extra work . Earning money with Eating and Sleeping is only possible with Stock market . Let’s take a brief Intro about Stock market …

Best Stock Market Course in Hindi

What is stock market ?

A market where shares are publicly issued and traded is known as a share market. The answer to ‘what is stock market’ is pretty similar to that of a share market. The key difference between share markets and stock markets is that the former only allows one to trade shares. The latter allows you to trade in financial instruments such as derivatives, bonds, mutual funds, as well as the shares of listed companies.

The key factor is that the basic platform offers trading facilities that companies can use to trade stocks in the stock market. On a stock exchange, one can only buy and sell those stocks that are listed on it. Hence, buyers and sellers meet on a stock market. India’s prime stock exchanges are the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

You would have always heard people talking about bull market and bear market. What are they? Bull market is one where the prices of stocks keep rising and the bear market is where the prices keep falling. Where all these buying and selling happens? NSE and BSE are the two major stock exchanges in India and are regulated by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Brokers act as an intermediary between the stock exchange and the investors. So to start investing or trading, you have to open a demat account and trading account with a broker. Zerodha , Upstox and Fyers are the best broker of Indian share market. You can online easily through a simple process. After linking your bank account with these accounts, you can start your investment journey.

So the main Question is that we have money to invest , we can invest but Where ? …. so to know where to invest we have to gain knowledge about stock market . Investing and Trading is very simple but main problem is where to invest ? Without proper knowledge of stock market we can’t able to make money. To make money in stock market you have to find Best stock market course in Hindi . Don’t worry i have done lot of research to find the best course

After a research i have found the Best stock market course in Hindi , which is created by StocksAiM . StocksAiM is an online financial institute which provide knowledge about stock market . StocksAiM is a treasure of financial knowledge.

Best stock market course in Hindi

Best stock market course in Hindi is only one solution to make continue profit in stock market because it’s a course from beginner to expert level . If you don’t have any financial knowledge then also you can take this course because they start from scratch to advance level . It’s 50 hours of Recorded videos with 30+ downloadable resources . In Best stock market course in Hindi you will find each and every single concept of stock market like , shares , bonds , mutual funds , F&O , intraday , swing trading , investing etc…

What you will learn in Best stock market course in Hindi

  • Completely understand how the Indian stock market , bonds & mutual fund works. History and it’s evolution .
  • Get full knowledge about Technical analysis & Fundamental analysis
  • Understand how Chart pattern & Candlestick works in live market.
  • Develop and Implement your own Trading Strategies with able to make your own INDICATORS .
  • Learn Technical Analysis concepts like Price Action , Support & Resistance ,Trend Line / Trend Channels , Breakout / Reversal , Gap theory … etc ,
  • Learn Derivative market – F&O market concept in detail
  • Understand Option Buying and Option selling . Learn how to sell Option with small Capital . Option writing Concept
  • Understand Financial Statement of Companies, Activity Ratios Liquidity Ratios, Balance sheet, Profit margin, Top/bottom line, EPS, P/E ratio, PEG, PS, PB.. etc
  • Learn about Global Market , USD/IND Co-relationship , about ETF , Pair Trading
  • Filter out the noise, get to know what other traders use and how they think. Get insight from a professional trader’s standpoint.
  • Money Management: how to manage risk on each position, how many shares to buy, and where to take a loss.
  • Traders Psychology , News Psychology impact , Volume & Open interest Psychology , Physical & mental fitness of a trader

Material Includes

  • 52.5 hours on-demand videos
  • 28 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Lifetime Support
  • Weekly Psychological Classes
  • Money management Classes
  • Create Demanding Videos
  • Premium Telegram channel access.
  • Live market calls with technical charts .
  • Conduct Competitive Exams
  • Live Q&A Support


  • No any Financial knowledge required .
  • PC or Laptop (or any other Device with wide Screen).
  • Internet Connection.

Who can take this Best stock market course in Hindi .

  • Anybody who wants to learn about Stock market (Share market)
  • Anybody who want to create secure future and good Wealth
  • Anybody who want to invest their money to earn highest return
  • The people who losses money in stock market and want to recover their losses.
  • Beginner/Intermediary level traders who looking for more tools and techniques to become a profitable trader.
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