Cyber Security- Introduction

What is cyber security?

Cyber security
Cyber security

>”The Internet never deletes, the Internet never forgets”<


The digital web has become complex and more interconnected. There are more digital gadgets than the world population. The devices have reduced in size and have become more intrusive in personal lives.

Internet of Things (IoT) is around the corner and virtual lifestyle has taken over. With the evolution and technological advancement of the internet, our privacy and confidentiality in the cyber space have greatly diminished, our digital devices are vulnerable to MALWARE such as viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, etc. from Hackers, nations, state sponsored actors, non-state actors and terrorists who seek to commit acts of sabotage and espionage. The cyberspace has been greatly dominated by organizations and individuals who seek to commit personal, financial, political and economic cyber crime.

Cyber security
Cyber security

As a cyber-aware citizen who is by default the part of the digital revolution, handling and generating information either personal or official; there is need to safeguard our information against states, organizations and individuals who seek to spy, sabotage and conduct acts of espionage against the nation as well as against you. To deny our adversaries who can be hackers or nation states, it is important to ensure that all of us handling information whether personal or official are well aware of the risks that exist in the cyberspace and facilitate measures to be put in place to ward off these cyber-crimes.


To spread awareness in handling digital assets like computers, laptops, iPods, tablets, IoT devices , etc. and guiding a safe journey while venturing into the unsafe cyber domain.


The objectives of the upcoming chapters are to:

*Ensure that everyone is aware of the risks and threats that exist in the cyberspace.

*Inform everyone on various cyber crimes that can or may be committed against them.

*Inform all on measures to be put in place to ensure cyber secure environment.

*Provide guidance on steps to be taken upon detection of such security breaches.

*Provide definition of terms commonly used pertaining to cyberspace, cyber crime and cyber warfare.

*Provide guidelines for de-addiction in cyberspace.



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