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Hello Reader , Myself Vikas Chaudhary , I have coded This EGL tool which means Exact Geo-Locator .

Exact Geo-Locator (EGL) is coded in Bash script which mostly used in Linux (Kali,parrot…etc). By using this Tool you can get full credential of your Target just by send a link generated by EGL. Using interface is very simple , you have to just run the EGL tool and it will provide the link , send the link to your Target and force to open it ,EGL will provide Full information with Exact location . EGL can provide given credentials Continent , Country , State , City , ISP , Target IP , Ip Currency , Latitude, Longitude ,Altitude , Accuracy ,Device Info , Platform , Cores , OS with Version , Memory, Screen Resolution etc….


1- Any Linux Distribution (kali, Parrot , Backbox…) 2- Curl 3- git 4- php 4- SSH 5- Internet

Here are the Steps How to use EGL (Exact Geo-Locator)

Step-1 Click here to DOWNLOAD Exact Geo-Locator
Exact Geo-Locator - Gkaim
Exact Geo-Locator -Vikas chaudhary
Step-2 Open Terminal Step-3 Cd EGL Exact Geo-Locator - Gkaim step-4 chmod +x egl.sh step-5 ./egl.sh
Exact Geo-Locator - Gkaim
Exact Geo-Locator – Vikas Chaudhary
step-6 Read the Description and allow to tool to generate link. Exact Geo-Locator - Gkaim Step-7 Send the Generated Link to Target and say to open it. step-8 Now JOB DONE Here all the Credential Will Show on Terminal with real longitude and latitude .
Exact Geo-Locator - Vikas Chaudhary
Exact Geo-Locator – Vikas Chaudhary
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EGL is just only made for Educational Purpose , So please don’t use it for any Illegal purpose otherwise only you will be Responsible for that , so please be careful….. I Hope You will will always use it for Educational Purpose
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Exact Geo-Locator Tool (EGL)
Exact Geo-Locator Tool provides you real location of your Target and also provides Device Details used by Victim .
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