Questions About Game Football #3

Quiz- Questions Answers about game Football- #3

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20. FC Copenhagen plays football in which country?

A. Denmark
B. Sweden
C. Belgium
D. France

21. Who is the only player to have scored a hat-trick in a world cup final?

A. Pele
B. Gerd Muller
C. Geoff Hurst
D. David Beckham

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22. AC Milan and Internazionale play at which ground?

Ac milan- Football Play
Ac milan- Football Play
A. San Siro
B. Stadio Delle Alpi
C. Stadio Olimpico
D. Ninian Park

23. Who won the 1998 World Cup Final?

A. Germany
B. France
C. England
D. Argentina

24. Flora Tallinn plays football in which country?
A. Latvia
B. Lithuania
C. Croatia
D. Estonia

25. Which of the following dead ball situations can you be offside from?
A. Corner kick
B. Free kick
C. Throw-In
D. Kick off

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26. Deportivo Quito plays football in which country?
A. Bolivia
B. Chile
C. Ecuador
D. Spain

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27. Where does British club Coventry City play their home games?

A. Haversham
B. Highfield Road
C. Highbury
D. The Howthorns

28. Who was the first African to win the FIFA World Footballer of the year, in 1995?

FIFA World cup _ Football Play
FIFA World cup _ Football Play
A. Roger Villa
B. Finidi George
C. George Wash
D. Nelson Mandela

29. Which of the following is another term for a winger?
A. Flanker
B. Line-Backer
C. Fly-Half
D. Flapper

30. What color shirts do Derby County wear?
A. White
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Black

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31. Robbie Earle plays for which country?

A. England
B. Jamaica
C. France
D. Scotland

32. Deepdale is the ground for which British club?
A. Preston Northend
B. Rochdale
C. Crewe Alexandra
D. Gillingham

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33. Which team won Germany’s Bundesliga for three consecutive seasons from 1974/75 to 1980/81?
A. Bayern Munich
B. Eintracht Frankfurt
C. Dusseldorf
D. Borussia Monchenladbach

34. What was the Brazilian player Artur Antunes Coimbra better known as?
A. Socrates
B. Garrincha
C. Zico
D. La Cicciolina

35. Who won the 1995 Women’s World Cup?

Women’s World Cup- Football play
Women’s World Cup- Football play
A. Jamaica
B. China
C. U.S.A
D. Norway

36. In what color strip do North Korea play in?
A. Blue
B. White
C. Red
D. Yellow

37. Desportes Costa do Sol play football in which country?
A. Zambia
B. Mozambique
C. Ivory Coast
D. Spain

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38. Which American actor played the goalkeeper in the 1981 film ‘Escape to Victory’?

A. Mickey Rourke
B. Sylvester Stallone
C. Robert Redford
D. Donald Sutherland

39. Who won the European Cup in 1970?
A. PSV Einfhoven
B. Ajax
C. Feyenord
D. Argentina

40. Who, at the age of 41, was the oldest goalkeeper to play in Football World Cup Finals?
A. Pat Jennings (Northern Ireland)
B. Dino Zoff (Italy)
C. Jan Tomaszewski (Poland)
D. Lothar Matthaus (Germany)

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