What is Organisation?

An ‘organisation’ is a group of individuals working together to achieve one or more objectives. … they are composed of individuals and groups of individuals. they are oriented towards achieving collective goals. they consist of different functions. the functions need to be coordinated. >>The word is derived from the Greek word organon, which means “organ”. 1. When was the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNISO) was Founded ? =>1st Jan.1967 A.D 2. Where is the Headquarter of UNIDO ? =>Vienna (Austria) 3. When was the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) was Established ? =>v4th April.1947 A.D Montreal (Canada) 4.When was the International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD) was established ? =>30th Nov.1977 A.D 5. Where is the Headquarter of IFAD ? =>Rome (Italy) 6. When was the International Telecommunication Union (ITU was Established ? =>1934 A.D 7. Where is the Headquarter Of ITU ? =>Paris (France) 8. When was the South Asian Federation Game (SAF) was established ? =>26th Nov.1981 A.D 9. When and where was the First SAF Game was Organised ? =>From 17 sep to 23 sep. 1948 A.D (Kathmandu-Nepal) 10. When was the Asian Game Federation game was established ? 13th feb.1949 A.D 11. When was the Olympic Game was Born ? =>776 B.C 12. Where Was the First Olympic game was held ? =>Olympic Mountain of Athens (Greece) 13. When was the International Finance Corporation (IFC) was Established ? =>20th July.1956 A.D 14. Where is the Headquarter of IFC ? =>Washington D.C (U.S.A) 15. When was the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was established ? =>1st Nov.1970 A.D 16. Where is the Headquarter of WIPO ? =>Geneva (Switzerland) 17. When was the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) was established ? =>1st Jan.1966 A.D 18. Where is the Headquarter of UNDP ? =>New York (U.S.A) 19. When was United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) was established ? =>5th June.1972 A.D 20. Where is the Headquarter of UNEP ? =>Nairobi (Kenya) 21. When was United Nation Population Fund (UNPF) was established ? =>1969 A.D 22. Where is the Headquarter of UNPF ? =>New York (U.S.A) 23. When was General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was established ? =>30 Oct.1947 A.D 24.When was the name of GATT was Changed into WTO (World Trade Organisation) ? =>1st Jan.1955 A.D 25. Where is the Headquarter of WTO ? =>Geneva (Switzerland) 26. When was South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement (SAPTA) was established ? =>7th Dec.1995 A.D 27. Where is the Headquarter of SAPTA ? =>Jakarta (Indonesia) 28. When was South Asian Development Federation (SADF) was established ? =>1996 A.D 29. Where is the Headquarter of SADF ? =>Kathmandu (Nepal) 30 When and where was the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) was established ? =>8th Dec.1985 A.D (Kathmandu-Nepal) READ HERE THE FIRST PART < Click Here & Get In Touch To Get Latest Update >

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