Google Tricks…Use google as like pro

Use Google as like pro

30 Google tricks are listed below that make you to use the internet,

1=> To Track Your Shipment Package Just Enter The Tracking Number Directly In The Search Bar.

2=>Search Specific Dates In Google. You Can Also Get Notified About This ( ex-Valentine Day)

3=>Search “A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away” In Google And Have Fun.

4=>Just Know Your Computer IP. Type IP Address In Google.

5=>Find Pages Linking To A Particular Website, Search Link:The Website.Com (ex- )

6=>Find Alternative To A Website Or Page. Type Related:Site.Com (ex- )

7=> Dig More Into A Website, Search (ex- )

8=>Search For Chemical Compounds In Google To Get 3D Model (ex- sulphuric acid ).

9=> Going For A Wedding ! Plan It On http://Www.Google.Com/Weddings

10=>Search Time Place To Get The Local Time ( ex- time bangkok )

11=>Be Creative With Lego’s on BuildwithChrome

12=>Convert Numbers To Words In Google (ex- 18739=english)

13=>Find Release Date Of Movies In Your Country ( ex – PK release date )

14=>Find News Related To A Particular Location In Google News . Search Keyword Location:Place (ex- crime location:Kolkata ) and then
click on news.

15=>Planning To Visit Somewhere. Search Things To See In Place In Google ( ex- things to see in Mumbai )

16=> See Graphs On Google. Search Equations In Google ( ex- sin(x) )

17=> Find Products From A Specific Price Range. Search ( ex – samsung Phone $100..$150 )

18=>In Google Exclude Certain Search Term From Google With A Minus Sign (ex- desert recipes-sugar )

19=>Search Pacman In Google To Play It Directly On Google Page , intresting game play it.

20=> Go To Google Images And Search Atari Breakout superb game .

21=>File A Copyright Complain At Google HERE To Take A Website Content Down From Google Search Results, If They Are Stealing Your Content Or Whatver May Be The Reason.

21=>Calculate Anything On Google. Just Google The Equation Directly ( ex- 55+64*2-56/22 )

22=>Google Is Your New Dictionary. Search Define Followed By The Word (ex- define money )

23=>Search For Movies Showtime In Your City. Search Movies Followed By Your City (ex- Movies in kolkata )

24=>Search City Forecast To Get A Weather Forecast For That City ( ex- Mumbai forecast )

25=>Search Flight Status On Google. Search Flight No. And Company Directly In Search Box ( ex- flight kx 105 airways )

26=>Just Search Find My Phone In Google To Locate Your Phone Instantly ( ex- find my phone ),You can also ring your Phone. Very
useful, if you missed the phone inside the house.

27=>See What People Are Searching Across The World HERE

28=>Search Fun Facts Or “I’m Feeling Curious” In Google And Feed Your Curiosity ( ex- I’m Feeling Curious )

29=>Search This code On Google To Discover An Interesting Shape
exp(-((x-4)^2+(y-4)^2)^2/1000) + exp(-((x +4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2/1000) + 0.1exp(-((x +4)^2+(y+4)^2)^2)+0.1exp(-((x -4)^2+(y-4)^2)^2

30=>Have Fun With Google, Search Any Of The Following Words In Google.
* do a barrel roll
* Google in 1998
* Pacman
* blink html
* zerg rush

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