Hide Files And Folders In Android Without Any Software

Hey friends, Sometimes we Always Want to hide folder which contain videos or music which we don’t want People to see it ,like personal video or something like that. :D :wink: . So Now Without Wasting Time let’s get through the steps on how to hide Files and folders in android.

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Steps To Hide Files and Folders In Android :-

» Mostly every Android has file exlorer in it ,but if you don’t have any I Recommend you to download Es FIle Explore in your android device. (link at bottom)

» Now open your file explorer or file browser.

» Now search or find your file or folder which you want to hide from others.

» Now select the file or folder and click on rename option.

» Now there add . (dot) in front of the name . (For example ~ if folder is videos then rename it as (.videos)

» As we know our Android is linux based and it will think that this is system file and it will hide that file by deafult settings of the opertaing system.

» Now if you want to open that file or folder than just select Show hidden Files/folder> option in your file explorer.

» If you want to make that hidden file unhidden back then just rename the file by removing . (dot) from the Name.


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