Science is the base of systematic knowledge, which includes a series of steps to get the possible outcome. Science is generally related to theories and gives special focus on analysis. It brings many advantages to mankind, whereas technology is concerned with applied science and includes process wherein tools and knowledge are used for the study of a particular science.

Science & Technology becomes an inseparable part of every human’s life. Their every activity is related to science. Various human inventions and innovations or technologies are fulfilling every human being’s need. For instance, cellular phones, laptops, digital cameras, cars, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, televisions and lights are some examples of technology that humans use in their daily lives. Although these technologies provide many advantages, they do have many disadvantages also.

Science & Technology

Science & Technology is making human being life simpler with innovations in every sector, for example, traveling has become faster through cars, airplanes or trains. With the invention of robots and machines, people are making lesser mistakes. Science & Technology saves time and efforts and also provides quality outcomes with high production. One of the most important visible advantages of technology is in the field of medical science. Discovery of various medical or surgical equipment, medicines and procedures are helping in lengthened life span of humans and saving many lives.

Science & Technology have also brought revolution in communication system. Communicating from telephones to cellular phones, Fax machines to emails then computers and Internets all are evidence of the evolution in communication system. Another important aspect of technology is satellite communication. TVs and satellite radios have eased the broadcasting of events across the globe. Computers have given rise to the software industry, which is certainly one of the most progressive industries of the world. Gadgets provide entertainment not only to teenagers but to everyone.

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With such advancements in the field of latest Science & Technology , it also brings out many disadvantages. It negatively affects the environment. The advanced transportation results in air pollution. With the adoption of automatic machinery in the factories for improving production with accuracy, people are losing their job. These machines may seem inexpensive and good to use but carry lots of maintenance which ultimately make them expensive. Technology also adversely affects our health such as causing spread of eye disease, increase of body weight and cancer as well because of radiation associated with a specific technology.

Science & Technology can also result in poor communication among people. In face to face communication, non-verbal behaviors provide context clues for the words we use. The Wall Street Journal’s research found and concluded that various technologies used for communicating such as email, texting and instant messaging remove these important context clues, and can cause misunderstandings. Science & Technology is also making people lazy. Many people are already dependent on Science & Technology . Children nowadays prefer playing computer games instead of outdoor games. People are also facing privacy issues such as email hacking, cell phone signal interceptions, etc. Advanced Science & Technology has also created large number of cases of cyber crimes, cheating and fraud. And most of all because of the new technology, terrorist threats and internal security issues of a country have also increased. If we use these inventions and innovations in a right way, we are all going to be benefited out of these. However, if the motives of the human beings are not positive, surely they will face the disadvantages of Science & Technology .

Major Side Effects of Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Although with the advancement of science and technology giving best of comforts to us with all the benefits I see there are some side effects which impacts the natural ecological balance.

Medical & health benefits have increased human life cycle & birth rate which has resulted in enormous growth in POPULATION. Now to provide shelter forests are destroyed all over but this has impacted the agriculture industry throughout the world which as per United Nations (World Food Organization) has created multiple challenges to tackle the FOOD shortage which is really like a ticking BOMB!!.

Coming further to change in Lifestyle of today’s generation which has changed many fold adding STRESS & complexities in life has made survival & its maintenance more difficult than before specially in comparison to yesteryear’s generation who led simple life with fewer demands in terms of their life in their times. Worst among the subject of concern is the career which has become the most prominent part in today’s life.

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Machines/robots & intelligent gazettes have revolutionized the labor & manpower to a great extent which not only making drastic changes in the field of human resources are utilized.Not only the manner of utilization but also optimizing to an extent in order for the industrial & business growth adds pinch of salt to the COMMON person who now is struggling & in times to come will face further damages to his life.

My intention is not to stop the Science & Technological advances but rather create an awareness to the people who can affected with the side effects & take appropriate actions to manage these issues. To prepare themselves with an ACTION PLAN to avoid further dent into their life & probably can make a better way for themselves & their generations.

“Prevention is always better than cure” so friends its time to get your thinking caps on & ponder on making changes for the BETTER life. ,God Helps those who Help themselves.

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