Hii friends i m back..

Friends today i m going to tell you about FACEBOOK AUTOPOST,,


Facebook Autopost means to post Massage in several groups and pages of Facebook just only in one click.

Suppose if you have any YouTube channel or any blog or website and you want to promote it or public it, so this trick is very usefull for you because you can post your channel or blog Link in 1000 + of groups just only in 1 click and it helps to your increase viewers.


@- open your any browser and type www.wefbee.com or CLICK HERE TO VISIT WEBSITE e. (FB Autopost website)

@- Now sign up there just by following their steps and verify it by your Email.

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@- After creating account, login it.

@- after login you will see a notification pop-up in your wefbee id for link to Facebook, it means that you have to link your Facebook account with wefbee account..

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How to link your Facebook account

#- Click on Setting option

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#- Click on Facebook account

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#- click on add update Facebook account

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#-click on Authorize and copy app url

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#- after that you have to give permission to link your Facebook account with that any app and copy tha url after giving permission and back it and past that link and then the token will be generated automatically and after click on add Facebook account… Now it’s done, your account is linked now with FB.

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@- Now click on home button and type your massage in that box as what you want to post in several group

@- After that set time interval… I recommend to select less time interval (60 sec)

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@- now last step__ mark all your shown groups and pages and then click on SEND NOW.

Now it’s all done.

Your massage will be post in every group with the time interval of your selected..