776 B.C First Olympic game was played in Greece
563 B.C Gautama Buddha was born
221 B.C Great Wall of China was built
29 A.D Death of Jesus Christ
570 A.D Muhammad was born in Mecca
634 A.D Death of muhammad
1492 A.D America was founded by Columbus
1564 A.D William Shakespeare was born
1668 A.D Establishment of Parliament system in England
1776 A.D Democracy of America on 4th July
1821 A.D Death of Napoleon
1865 A.D Death of Abraham Lincoln
1904 A.D War between Russia and Japan
1994 A.D First world war (from 29 July 1914 – 11 November 1918)
1917 A.D Death of Jaar of Russia
1920 A.D Legue of nation was established
1933 A.D Hittlar become’s king of Germany
1939-1945 A.D Second World War (from 10th March 1939 to 12th September 1945)
1945 A.D First atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima
( Japan) (6th August)
1945 A.D Second atom bomb was dropped in Nagasaki Japan 9th August
1953 A.D Tenzing Norway and Edmund Hillary where climbed on Mount Everest
1955 A.D
Conference of Bonding in Indonesia
1957 A.D Russia release an artificial satellite sputnik (4 October).
1961 A.D
First human being yuri gagrin interd in space.
1967 A.D
War between Arabs and Israel.
1968 A.D Russia attack on Chakoslowwasi and captured it (21st August).
1969 A.D
First human being Neil Armstrong of america reach in Moon (21st July).
1970 A.D China release an artificial satellite (25th April).
1971 A.D
War between India and Pakistan, friendship between India and Russia (9th August).
1971 A.D Vansah-8 was launched on Vanus.
1973 A.D New constitution of Pakistan was made , end of Lewis war.
1976 A.D First meeting of association of south east.
1977 A.D
General election in Pakistan (7th March) and also in Sri Lanka (July).
1979 A.D Friendship between America and China, announcement of international Children Day.
1980 A.D Russian soldiers attacked on afghanistan and created some disturbance.
1981 A.D India release an artificial satellite (apple) on (7th June) and Bhaskara-2 (20th november),
Announcement of international Dependent (unactive) person day (1st January).
1982 A.D New Constitution was made in Canada (18th April).
1983 A.D
New Citizen law was made in (1st January).
1984 A.D
First Indian citizen Rakesh Sharma goes in space by SOYUZ T-11 (3rd April).
1986 A.D
Accident of American spacecraft (28 January).
1988 A.D Khan Abdul ghaffar was dead (20 January) ,
American stop the P.A.LO. Organisation (12th March).
1989 A.D Hydrogen bomb was discovered in Russia (15th December).
Fourth saf Game was played in Islamabad.
1990 A.D Nimibia democracy ( 21st March).
Iraq captured Kuwait (2nd August).
1991 A.D SAARC country was formed (7 September).
1992 A.D
Dangerous volcano was occurred in Indonesia and about 11000 people were died (12th December).
1992 A.D Sri Lankan president RoadSinghan Parmadesh was died by bomb (1st May).
New Constitution was made in Russia.( 13th december),
Israel and Vatican City becomes friend (30 December).
1994 A.D Accident occur between planet jupiter and commet Shoemaker -Levy 9.
Brazil won the Football world cup (7th July).
Pakistan won the 4th world cup of hockey (5th December).
1995 A.D India won the fourth Asia Cup (14th April).
1996 A.D Irene Skliva was Crowned Miss World (24th November).
Russia Launched a satellite cosmos (24th December).
1998 A.D One lady Named Cloanvend Dali gives birth to a Lamb (Young Sheep) Who’s named was Banni given by people.
2001 A.D The whole family of King of Nepal were killed by someone in his own home (1st june).
2002 A.D
First conference of SAARC countries in Kathmandu (nepal) (4th January).
Switzerland becomes member of UNO (10th September).
2003 A.D
Accident occur in spacecraft of Columbia and so other astronauts died with Kalpana Chawla (1st February).
2004 A.D SAARC conference in Islamabad (Pakistan) (4th February)
29th Olympic game was held in Athens.
2005 A.D 13th SAARC conference was held in Dhaka (bangladesh) (12 – 13 November).
World WTO conference held in Hong Kong (13 -18 December).
2006 The country Kuwait gives the first chance to their womens to vote their chooser (4th April).
2007 A.D An Indian astronaut Sunita Williams travelled in space and safely come back (22nd June).
Taj Mahal of India got the name of 7th wonder of the world (7th July).
New National Anthem was made in Nepal (1st August).
2008 A.D Nepal and Bhutan become democratic country.
Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar completed first 12000 run in cricket test match.

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