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Install kali linux in Android

Hello Friends !

In this post i am going to tech you how to install Kali Linux on android smartphone easily without any complicated steps and hassle.

Step 1: You have to make sure that your phone is rooted properly without any issues, if its not then its the time to root your device.

Step 2: Now download two applications from Google Play Store Linux Deploy & Vnc Viewer as shown below from the given link

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Install kali linux
Install kali linux

Step 3: Now Open Linux Deploy and tap that download button as shown in the picture,

Step 4: Now Select Distribution as Kali Linux and Go Back

Step 5: Now Tap on Three Dots on top right corner and Tap Install, it will take some time because your phone is going to download an image of kali linux (2GB Approx.) after that just hit start on the main screen and minimize the app.

Step 6: Open vnc viewer and configure it my typing the password and name (get password from your linux deploy’s settings and use any name eg. kali)

< Now tap Connect and Enjoy your kali linux >

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