List of All Inventions and Inventors of the World- 500 Inventions and inventors name.

All Inventions and Inventors of the World with the years & Country Belong.

What is Invention ?

An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. The invention process is a process within an overall engineering and product development process. It may be an improvement upon a machine or product or a new process for creating an object or a result. An invention that achieves a completely unique function or result may be a radical breakthrough. Such works are novel and not obvious to others skilled in the same field. An inventor may be taking a big step in success or failure.

Who is Inventor ?

 Any person who made or Discovered any New project like Machine , appliance or Article is basically known as Inventor.The word inventor comes from the Latin verb invenire, invent-, to find. The system of patents was established to encourage inventors by granting limited-term, limited monopoly on inventions determined to be sufficiently novel, non-obvious, and useful. Although inventing is closely associated with science and engineering, inventors are not necessarily engineers nor scientists.

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Inventions and Inventors of the world

List of All Inventions and Inventors of the World are listed bellow:-

InventionsInventorsYears (A.D)Country
AC motorNikola Tesla1880USA
Adding MachineBlaise Pascal1642France
Adhesive tapeRichard G. Drew1923USA
AeroplaneOrville & Wilbur Wright1903USA
Air BrakeGeorge Westinghouse1872American
Air ConditionerWillis Carrier1902USA
Air PumpOtto Von Guericke1650Germany
Airplane (jet engine)Ohain1939Germany
Airship (Non rigid)Henri Giffard1852France
Airship (rigid)G. Ferdinand Von Zeppelin1858Germany
AnemometerLeon Battista Alberti1450Italian
AnimationEmile Reynaud1892France
Arc LampC. F. Brush1879Ohio
Atom BombJulius Robert Oppenheimer1945USA
Automatic CalculatorWilhelm Schickard1623Germany
Automatic gearboxHermann Fottinger1985Germany
AutomobileGottlieb Daimler1886Germany
Automobiles using gasolineKarl Benz1886Germany
BakeliteH. Backcland1907Belgium/US
Ball Point PenJohn J Loud1888USA
Balloon(Hot air)Jacques & J.Montgolfier1783France
Balloon(Rubber)Michael Faraday1824British
Band AidEarle Dickson1920USA
Barbed WireJoseph F. Glidden1873US
BarometerEvangelista Torricelli1644Italy
Battery(Electric)Alessandro Volta1800Italy
Bicycle TyresJohn Boyd Dunlop1888Scotland Britain
BicycleKirkpatrick Macmillan1839Britain
Bifocal LensBenjamin Franklin1780USA
Binomial NomenclatureCarl Linnaeus1785Swedish
Bleaching powderTennant1798Britain
BombEdward Tellerm1952USA
BrailleLouis Braille1829France
BulletClaude Minie1849France
Bunsen burnerR  Willhelm von Bunsen1855Germany
Burglar AlarmEdwin T. Holmes1851USA
CadmiumFriedrich Stromeyer1817Germany
Calculating machineBlaise Pascal1642French
Camera (KodaK)Walker Eastman1888USA
Car (petrol)Karl Benz1888Germany
Car (Steam)Nicolas Cugnot1769France
Car RadioWilliam Lear & E.Wavering1929US
CarburetorGottlieb Daimler1876Germany
Cash RegisterJames Ritty1879USA
Cassette (Videotape)Sony1969Japan
CellophaneI.E. Brandenberger1900Switzerland
CelluloidAlexander Parkes1861Britain
Cement(Portland)Joseph Aspdin1824Britain
Centigrade ScaleAnders Celsius1742Sweden
ChemotherapyPaul Ehrlich1940German
Child DevelopmentJean Piaget1936Swiss
ChlorineKarl Wilhelm Scheele1774Sweden
CinemaNicolas &Jean Lumiere1895France
CinematographyThomas Alva Edison1880American
Circulation of bloodWilliam Harvey1628England
Clock(Mechanical)Hsing and Ling Tsan1725China
Clock(Pendulum)Christian Huygens1656Netherlands
Compact disc (CD) playerSony, Philips1979Japan, Netherlands
Compact disc (CD)RCA1972USA
Computer (laptop)Sinclair1987Britain
Computer (Mini)Digital Corp1960USA
Cosmic RaysR.A.Millikan1910America
CrescographJagadish Chandra Bose1920India
Crystal DynamicsC.V.Raman1921India
Dental PlateAnthony A.Plantson1817USA
Deuterium (Heavy Water)H.C.Urey1933America
Diesel EngineRudolf Diesel1895Germany
Disc BrakeDr. F. Lanchester1902England
Dynamical theory of HeatLord Kelvin1848British
DynamiteAlfred B. Nobel1867Sweden
DynamoMichael Faraday1831USA
Dynamo(Electrical)Hypolite pixii1832France
Electric BatteryAlessandro Volta1800Italian
Electric computerDr Alan M Turing1824Britain
Electric FanWheeler1882USA
Electric GeneratorMichael Faraday1831UK
Electric GuitarAdolph Rickenbacker1931America /Swiss
Electric IronHenry.W. Seeley1882U.S.A
Electric LampThomas Alva Edison1879USA
Electric motor (AC)NikolaTesla1888USA
Electric motor (DC)Zenobe gramme1873Belgium
Electric stove/cookerWilliam S. Hadaway1896USA
Electric washing machineAlva J Fisher1906USA
ElectromagnetWilliam Sturgeon1824Britain
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831UK
Electromagnetic theory of light & wavesHeinrich Rudolph Hertz1880Germany
ElectromagnetWilliam Sturgeon1824Britain
ElectronJ J Thomson1897Britain
Electronic CalculatorIBM1954USA
ElectroplatingLuigi Brugnatelli1805Italy
ElectroscopeJean Nollet1748France
ElevatorElisha G. Otis1852USA
Evolution theoryCharles Darwin1858England
Facsimile machineAlexander Bain1843Britain
Fibre opticsKepany1955Britain
Film (Moving outline)Louis   Prince1885France
Film (Musical)Warner Bros1923USA
Film (Talking)J Engl,J Mussole & H Vogt1922Germany
Film soundDr. Le de Forest1923U.S.A
FluorineFerdinand Frederick Henri Moissan1886France
Fountain PenLewis Edson Waterman1884USA
GalvanometerAndre Marie Ampere1834France
GliderSir George Calyey1853England
GramophoneThomas Edison1878USA
Gravity & Reflecting telescopeIsaac Newton1668England
GuillotinDr. Joseph Ignace Guillotin1790France
GyrocompassElmer A. Sperry1908USA
HelicopterEtienne Oehmichen1924France
Hot Air BalloonJosef & Etienne Montgolfier1783France
HovercraftChristopher Cockerell1959England
Intelligence testingSimon Binet1905France
Jet engineSir Frank Whittle1937Britain
LaserTheodore Maiman1960USA
LaunderetteJ F Cantrell1934USA
Lift (Mechanical)Elisha G Otis1852USA
Light BulbHeinrich Goebel1854Germany
Lightning ConductorBenjamin Franklin1752USA
LocomotiveRichard Trevithick1804England
Logarithms, Napier Bones & decimal pointJohn Napier1590Scotland
LoudspeakerHorace Short1900Britain
Machine gunRichard Gatling1918Britain
Machine GunRichard Gaffing1861USA
Magnetic recording tapeFritz Pfleumer1928Germany
MicrophoneAlexander Graham Bell1876USA
Microscope (Elect.)Ruska Knoll1931Germany
Microscope(Electron)Vladimir Kosme Sworykin1939Russia
Microscope(Comp.)Zacharis Janssen1590Netherlands
Microwave OvenPercy Spencer1947USA
Milling machine & cotton ginEli Whitney1793USA
The motor car, PetrolKarl Benz1885Germany
Motor cycleG Dimler1885Germany
Motor ScooterGreville Bradshaw1919England
MotorcycleEdward Butler1848England
Moving projectorThomas Edison1893USA
North PoleRobert Peary1909American
Optical fibreNarinder Kapany1955Germany
OzoneChristian Schonbein1839Germany
PacemakerDr. Paul Zoll1952USA
ParachuteJean Pierre Blanchard1785France
Pendulum ClockChristian Huygens1657Netherlands
PhonographThomas Edison1877USA
Photoelectric cellJulius Elster, Hens F Geitel1893Germany
Photography (on film)John Carbutt1888USA
Photography (on metal)Joseph N Niepce1826France
Photography (on paper)W. H. Fox Talbot1835Britain
PianoBartolomeo Cristofori1709Italy
Pistol , revolverColt1836USA
Pocket WatchPeter Henlein1510Germany
Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg1440Germany
RadarDr. Albert H. Taylor & Leo C. Young1922USA
Radio telegraphyDr Mohlon Loomis1864USA
Radio telegraphyG Marconi1901Italy
Radiocarbon datingLibby1947USA
RadioGuglielmo Marconi1894Italy
Razor (Safety)King C Gillette1895USA
Razor(Electric)Col Jacob  Schick1931USA
RefrigeratorJames Harrison, Alexander Catlin1850Australia
RevolverSamuel Colt1835USA
Richter ScaleCharles Richter1935USA
Rocket EngineRobert H. Goddard1926USA
Rubber (Latex foam)Dunlop Rubber Co1928Britain
Rubber (Tyres)Thomas Hancock1846Britain
Rubber (vulcanized)Charles Goodyear1841USA
Rubber (Waterproof)Charles Macintosh1823Britan
Safety LampSir Humphry Davy1816England
Safety MatchJ.E. Lundstrom1855Sweden
Safety PinWilliam Hunt1849USA
SaxophoneAdolphe Sax1846Belgium
Sewing MachineElias Howe1846USA
Ship (Steam)J.C Perier1775France
Ship (Turbine)Charles Parsons1894Britain
SiliconesF.S Kipping1904England
Small Pox VaccineEdward Jenner1796England
Soft Contact lensesOtto Wichterle1961Czech
Solar SystemNicolaus Copernicus1540Poland
South PoleRoald  Amundson1912Norway
Specific GravityArchimedes250BCGreek
Steam BoatJohn Fitch1786USA
Steam engine (Condenser)James Watt1765Britain
Steam engine (Piston)Thomas Newcomen1712Britain
Steam EngineThomas Savery1698Britain
Steam Powered AirshipHenri Giffard1852France
Steel(Stainless)Harry Brearley1913Britain
StethoscopeRene Laennec1819France
SubmarineDavid Bushnell1776USA
SupercomputerJH Van Tassel1976USA
SynthesizerDr. Robert Arthur Moog1964USA
TankSir Emest D Swington1914Britain
Tape recorderFessenden Poulsen1899Denmark
Telegraph codeSamuel Morse1837USA
TelegraphM Lammond1787France
Telephone (Imperfect)Antonio Meucci1849Italy
Telephone (Perfected)Alexander Graham Bell1876USA
Telephone (Cellular)Bell Labs1947USA
TelescopeHans Lippershey1608Netherlands
Television (Electronic)PT Farnsworth1927USA
Television (Mechanical)John Logie Baird1926Britain
Television(Colour)John Logie Baird1928Britain
ThermometerGalileo Gallei1593Italy
Thermos FlasksJames Dewar1892Scotland
Time RecorderHarlow Bundy1890USA
TractorJohn Froelich1892America
Tractor (Caterpillar)Benjamin Holt1900USA
TransformerMichael Faraday1831Britain
Transformer (Induction coil)William Stanley .Jr1842US
Transistor radioSony1955Japan
TransistorsJohn Bardeen, William Shockley & Walter Brattain1948USA
TungstenJuan José Elhuyar Lubize & Fausto de Elhuyar1783Spain
TypewriterPeter Mitterhofer1864Austria
VaccinationEdward Jenner1796England
Vacuum cleaner ( Elec.)Spangler1907USA
Vacuum CleanerIves McGuffey1869USA
Valve. RadioSir J.A Fleming1904Britain
Video tapeCharles Ginsberg1956USA
Vulcanised RubberCharles Goodyear1839American
Washing SodaLablanc1790American
Watch (Self Winding)Abraham Louis Breguet1791France
WatchBartholomew Manfredi1462Italy
Waterproof RubberCharles Macintosh1823Glasgow
Welder (Electric Welding)Elisha Thompson1877US
WindshieldwipersMary Anderson1903USA
Wireless (Telegrapy)G Marconi1896Italy
Xerox MachineChester Carlson1928USA
XrayWilhelm Conrad Roentgen1895Germany
zerox machineChester Carlson1938America
Zip fastenerWhitcomb . L. Judson1893America
ZipperB. F. Goodrich1923US

Lists of All Inventions and Inventors of Chemistry

Lists of All Inventions and Inventors of chemistry
Atomic NumberHenry Mosley1913British
Atomic PhysicsErnest Rutherford1911British
Atomic StructureNeils Bohr & Rutherford1913Denish & British
Atomic TheoryJohn Dalton1808British
BismuthClaude Geoffroy1753France
Chemical StructureAugust Kekule1958German
ChloroformE. Soberran1831France
CoulombCharles Augustin de Coulomb1779French
Electromagnetic InductionMichael Faraday1831British
ElectronJ.J. Thomson1897British
HeliumWilliam Ramsay1868Britain
Hydrogen bombEdward Teller1952USA
HydrogenHenry Cavendish1766England
Law of MotionIsaac Newton1687British
Liquid OxygenKarol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wroblewski1883Polish
Neon GasWilliamRamsay, Morris Travers1898 British
Neon LampGeorges Claude1810France
Neutron bombSamuel Cohen1958USA
NeutronJames Chadwick1932British
Nuclear FissionOtto Hahn, Bohr & Fermi1938German, Danish & America
Nuclear ReactorEnrico Fermi1942Italy
NylonDr. Wallace H. Carothers1935USA
Ohm’s LawGeorg Simon Ohm1827German
Organic ChemistryFriedrich Wohler1828German
OxygenAntoine Laurent Lavoisier, Joseph Priestley1775France
Periodic Table of ElementsDmitri Mendeleev1869Russian
Photoelectric EffectHeinrich Rudolf Hertz1905German
PhotonAlbert Einstein1905German/USA
ProtonErnest Rutherford1919British/Newzealand
Quantum theoryMax Planck1900German
Radio activity of UraniumHenry Becquerel1896France
Radioactive DatingWillard Libby1946America
RadioactivityHenri Becquerel1896France
RadiumMarie & Pierre Curie1898France
RayonSir Jaseph swan1883Britain
RelativityAlbert Einstein1905German/USA
Thermionic EmissionThomas Edison1880America
Uranium FissionSzilard Fermi1942USA
Lists of All Inventions and Inventors of Biology

Lists of All Inventions and Inventors of Biology

InventionInventorYear (AD)
AnesthesiaWilliam Thomas Green Morton.1846
Anti- pregnancy pillsGoodwin Pincus1960
Antiseptic SurgeryDr.Joseph Lister1867
AspirinDr.Felix Hoffmann1899
ATPKarl Lohmann.1929
Automated DNA SequencerLloyd M.Smith.1986
BacteriaAntoine Van Leeuwenhoek1665
Bacteria of leprosyGerhard Hansen1873
Bacteria of typhoidJoseph Eberth1880
BCG VaccineAlbert Calmette & Camille Guerin.1921
Biology of CancerRobert A.Weinberge1982
Blood CirculationWilliam Harvey1928
Blood groups (ABO group)Karl Landsteiner1927
CalciumHumphry Davy.1808
CancerPercivall Pott1775
CellRobert Hooke.1665
Cell TheorySchleiden and Schwann1839
Cell DivisionHugo von Mohl1835
Cell Division by meiosisOskar Hertwig1876
Cell NucluesRobert Brown.1831
ChloroformJames Simpson1847
ChloromycetinPaul Burkholder1947
Chloroquine (drug)Hans Andersag1934
Cholera BacteriaRobert Koch1883
Cholera VaccineWaldemar Mordecai Haffkine1892
DDTPaul Hermann Muller1939
Diphtheria BacteriaEdwin  Klebs and Loffler1983-84
DNA Helical structureWatson & Crick.1952
Electrocardiogram(ECG)Willem Einthoven1895
electroencephalography (EEG)Hans Berger1929
EnzymeAnselme Payen1883
Father Modern EcologyEugene Odum1953
Father of EcologyAlexander Von Humboldt1946
Father of EvolutionCharles Darwin1858
Father of GeneticsGregor Mendel1865
First test tube babyRobert Edward & Patrick  Steptoe1978
Three  Kingdom classificationErnst Haeckel1860
Five  Kingdom classificationRobert H. Whittaker.1969
HormoneE. H. Starling & W. M. Bayliss secretin1902
Genetic CodeHargobind  Kharana1960
Heart TransplantationChristiaan Barnard1967
Hepatitis B vaccinePablo Valenzuela1986
Hepatitis B virusDr. Blumberg1965
HIVLuc Montagnier1983
HomeopathSamuel Hahnemann1796
Hydrophobia vaccination(Rabies)Louis Pasteur1885
Smallpox vaccineEdward Jenner1796
InsulinSir Frederick Banting and Best1923
Kidney DialysisWillem Johan Kolff1943
LSD(Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)Albert Hofmann1938
Malaria parasiteRonald Ross1897
MicrobesAntoine  van Leeuwenhoek & Rober Hook.1665
Microbes Of malariaCharles Laveran1880
Open Heart SurgeryC.Walton Lillehei1952
PenicillinAlexander Fleming1928
Plague VaccineWaldemar Mordecai Haffkine1897
Polio DropAlbert Sabin.1961
Polio VaccineJones E. Salk1955
Rabis & Anthrax VaccinationLouis Pasteur1885
Reserpine (drug)Jal Vakil1952
Rh- factorLandsteiner and Wiener1940
RNAWatson and Arthur1961
RNA StructureAlexander Rich1956
Virology(Science of Virus)Dmitri Ivanovsky and Bejernick1892
Small FoxEdward Jenner (Father of vaccine)1796
Spiral Structure of proteinLines Pauling1951
StethoscopeRene Laennec1816
StreptomycinSelman Waksman1944
Structure of DNAWatson and Crick1950
TB BacteriaRobert Koch1882
TerramycinFinlay and Hobby1949
Treatment of beriberiChristiaan Eijkman1897
Treatment of diabetesJoseph Mering andoskar Minkowski1889
Treatment of kala azarUpendra Nath Brahmachari1922
Treatment of SyphilisPaul Ehrlich1910
VaccinationEdward Jenner1796
VirusDmitri Ivanovsky & Martinus Beijerinck1892
Vitamin AMc Collum and Marguerite Davis1913
Vitamin BMecollum and Casimir Funk1916
Vitamin B1Christian Eijkman1897
Vitamin B2D. T. Smith, E. G. Hendrick1926
Vitamin B6Paul Gyorgy1934
Vitamin CSzent Gyorgyi1920
Vitamin DEdward Mellanby1920
Vitamin EHerbert McLean Evans and S. Bishop1922
Vitamin kHenrik Dam1929
Vitamin Folic acidLucy Wills1928
Vitamin NiacinConrad Elvehjem1937
VitaminCasimir Funk & Hopkins1912
X-rayVoilhesm  Rontgen.1895

Important Inventions and Inventors of India

Zero and the number systemAryabhatta458AD
Wool and cottonHarappas4-5th millennium BC
Radio/wireless communicationSir Jagdish Chandra Bose1895
Cataract SurgerySushruta5th century B.C
RocketsTipu Sultan1780