N-Reader => Network Reader Tool – Network scanner

Hello Reader , Myself Vikas Chaudhary , I have coded This N-Reader tool which finally Leads to Network Scanning , website scanning + DOS / DDOS Attack .

N-Reader is coded in Bash script which mostly used in Linux (Kali,parrot…etc).
By using this Tool you scan your whole Network ,Website ,blog ,system and so on… and can find vulnerability easily .
Using interface is very simple , you have to just run the tool and chose the option according to scan what you want .
This is based on Nmap ,Using Nmap is very difficult,remember command is to annoying ,so that’ why i coded this script which contains all the Nmap command and also contains DOS / DDOS command ..

You can easily perform DOS/DDOS attack very easily using this Tool


1- Any Linux Distribution (kali, Parrot , Backbox…)
2- Curl
3- git
4- Nmap
4- hping3

Here are the Steps How to use N-Reader

Step-1 Click here to DOWNLOAD N-Reader + DOS/DDOS Tool


Network Scanner - Vikas Chaudhary

step-2 Open Terminal
step-3 Cd N-Reader
step-4 chmod +x install.sh
step-5 ./install.sh

Network Scanner - Vikas Chaudhary

step-6 chmod +x N-Reader
step-7 ./N-Reader

Network Scanner - Vikas Chaudhary
Network Scanner – Vikas Chaudhary

Network Scanner - Vikas Chaudhary

step-8 choose number which scan or attack you want to perform , and then hit enter.

Network Scanner - Vikas Chaudhary

step-9 You can run it in terminal or also can save it in any file as a text

Network Scanner - Vikas Chaudhary
Network Scanner – Vikas Chaudhary

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N-Reader is just only made for Educational Purpose , So please don’t use it for any Illegal purpose otherwise only you will be Responsible that , so please be careful ,and also please don’t use DOS/DDOS attack on any victim without Permission , Other only will be Responsible for it. bcz this tool is just made for educational Purpose .

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