Personal Encrypter/Decrypter {PED}

Hello Reader, Myself Vikash Chaudhary, I have coded This Tool PED => Personal Encrypter/Decrypter.

PED => Personal Encrypter/Decrypter
PED Coded By => Vikash Chaudhary
Published on =>
Version=> 2.3

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter {PED}

What is PED?

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter {PED} is a Windows Based software for Personal Privacy. Use PED for your Personal chat or secret message.  PED is made for Personal Privacy that you can Encrypt and Decrypt your Message by Password. 
Just type your message and Encrypt it with any password and then send that encrypted message to anyone, no one can decode it.  That message can be decoded only by this PED software with that special password.


It doesn’t need any Net connection, so feel free to use it but please don’t use it for any illegal purpose otherwise only you will be responsible for it.

* Installation Password => Myaim


1- First Download and Install PED by Using Installation Password =>Myaim

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter {PED}

2- Open PED with Administrative power and Type the message which you want to Encrypt in the textbox area

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter

3- Type any Password in the Password Textbox area.

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter


4- Now click on Encrypt button then you will get an Encrypted message in the text box. 

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter
5- When you want the original Message then you have to write your Encrypted message and Password in that text box then click on Decrypt Button you will get the original message.

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter

Thank You

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