profit-aim – The perfect Indicator

Hello There, Myself Vikas Chaudhary, I am a full time trader , I have created a Indicator based on Indian Stock Market – This Indicator is giving 90% + accuracy in Swing trading (Short term trading ). It’s a fully tasted by many of traders and they getting continue profit so that’s why i have given a name PROFIT AIM .

This indicator PROFIT AIM is a Swing trading based indicator , It will also give you trailing stoploss according to market movement and it’s volatility.

// Profit-AiM ~Trailing SL~Swing~ is Scripted by Vikas Chaudhary
// Copyright @ 
//////////// Follow Bellow to Get 90% Accuracy /////////////
// 1- Please Don't edit or change any Setting.
// 2- Buy if HIGH BREAKS the Signal given Candle 
// 3- Sell if LOW BREAKS the Signal given Candle.
// 3- Use Trailing StopLoss (SL) on shown lines => Put SL on shown Green Lines if on Buy Side  or Put SL on Red Lines if on Sell side and Trail it as line goes. 
// 4- Profit-AiM is Best for Short term Trading (20-30 days) .
// 5- For Swing Trading Use 1hrs/4hrs Min candle chart . 
// 6- For Intraday use 5-Min candle chart. (Not Recommended)
// 7- Avoid Full Gap Up / Full Gap Down Stocks on Intraday.
/////////////// Enjoy Trading  /////////////////////

Here is the steps how to Implement the indicator PROFIT AIM :-

1=> First Download the Script (Code) by waiting just only 1 Minute. You will be Redirected to Code page in Upcoming 1 Minute.

2=> Now after Downloading , Go to Tradingview , Create a Free account .

3=> Open Chart section , and put any Indian stock on screen .

4=> Go to Pine editor (on left bellow), and paste the Downloaded Script in Pine editor  .

5=> Now click on Save and then Add to Chart . Enjoy !

6=> Don’t forget to Subscribe the Youtube channel => Stocks Aim

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