33 Psychological Facts of HAPPINESS

33 Psychological Facts of HAPPINESS are listed down:-

1=>Spending money on your loved ones or friends, yields more happiness and satisfaction than spending it on yourself.

2=>Your genetics and family upbringing account for only half of your happiness levels.

3=>Only 10% of your happiness comes from external circumstances.Remaining 90% comes with your inner thoughts & feelings according to psychology.

4=>Your outlook on life, and what you choose to do with your life accounts for 40 percent of your happiness levels. This includes your friendships, work, and participation in your community.

5=>It gets easier as you age. A 2005 U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey showed ages 20-24 are sad for 3.4 days per month. Those aged between 65-74 are sad only 2.3 days per month.

6=>Minimum 20 minutes of exercise, three days each week will increase your happiness by 10 to 20 percent after six months.

7=>The happier you are, the more antibodies your body generates – up to 50 percent more, in fact.

8=>In the United States, the number of people with clinical depression is 3 to 10 times more common than it was for their grandparents at the same age.

9=>Happy people generally earn more money than unhappy people.

10=>Women are unhappiest in their life around the age of 37; men around the age of 42.

11=>Dancing & Other Art forms increases happiness.

12=>Sports facilities and community centers increase a community’s overall happiness.

13=>Money buys happiness. Those who can afford to have their basic material needs taken care of are happier than those who cannot.

14=>Money does not buy happiness. After having your basic material needs met, additional money does not have any impact on your levels of happiness.

15=>People in relationships are usually happier than people who are single.

16=>Happier people are more likely to retain relationships.

17=>Education and intelligence do not make you more happy than anyone else.Self of satisfaction makes you more happier than any materialistic things.

18=>Happiness has a fragrance. Clinical experiments on body odour have proved your scent changes between when you are stressed or happy

19=>The more you hug your children, the happier they will be as adults.

20=>Kissing releases Oxytocian in the brain,a harmone that strenghts the emotional bond between two people to increase happiness in their life.

21=>The most powerful way to increase your short-term feelings of happiness is to perform random acts of kindness to others, or to send a letter of gratitude to someone you care about. Five such acts in a week will increase your happiness for up to three months.

22=>The most powerful way to increase your long-term feelings of happiness is to understand your strengths and talents, or life purpose, and to work on sharing those parts of yourself with others.

23=>Kissing, chewing gum, eating chocolates and eating bananas have all been proven to help people relax and boost their mood.

24=>The key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions, according to studies.

25=>Gratitude can boost dopamine and serotonin, just like antidepressants and make life more happier.

26=>If you live in temperate climate, there’s a chance you may be a more cheerful individual. Some research has discovered that there is a correlation between summers and winters with happiness.

27=>Whether it’s through helping charity or just a small act of kindness, altruism makes us feel good. One study even found that the happiness gleaned from volunteering can increase your longevity and happiness.

28=>Researchers discovered that past memories help maintain feelings of self-worth and promote optimism for what’s to come. Allowing yourself to feel nostalgic will also help you to feel less lonely and more happier. Sounds like a good excuse to flip through those old photo albums!

29=>If you have a quick wit or pride yourself on being a fast reader, you may also have a more positive mood. A study published in Psychological Science discovered that happiness was more commonly associated with faster cognitive thoughts.

30=>There are approximately 18 different types of smiles.Scientists have classified expressions that range from an amused smile to an embarrassed smile.

31=>The key to a quick boost of happiness may lie in your diet. Foods like nuts, chicken and milk all contain higher levels of tryptophan, which can lead to the production of serotonin, a chemical that helps induce calm and happiness.

32=> Newzeland was crowned the globe’s happiest country according to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report 2018.Canada is second and Netherland comed third in list.

33=>Positive emotions can make you more resilient and more happier.

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