33 Psychological Life Hacks that can change your life

Here I have written  33 Psychological Life Hacks which if you follow then definitely your life is going to change.

1=>Smiling boosts our immune system and can help us live 7 years longer than average. Happy people smile 40-50 times a day, the average of us only does so 20 times. So keep Smiling:)(P.S. Like You are smiling now & enjoying reading facts in this app, Thank you:) )

2=>Talk with yourself once a day. Otherwise, you may miss meeting an excellent person in the world.

3=>A Hug Can Lift Your Mood. Dopamine is released, when you hug or shake hands with someone. This makes you feel good and happy. So Give hug to your loved ones or take a hug from them.

4=>Looking at cute animal pictures at work can make you more productive, a study claims.

5=>Eating your food slowly will help you lose weight, enjoy your food, reduce stress, and lead to better digestion.

6=>Walking in new or open places helps your brain to think about new ideas rapidly and increases creativity.

7=>Life hacks => Eating healthy is the trick to being happy. A healthy diet can actually uplift your spirits and improve your mood. People who eat fruits and vegetables live a more satisfied and happier life.

8=>Do less use of your mobile as much as possible. A survey says a person faces 90% more stress and frustration in comparison to a person who spends less amount of time on mobile.

9=>Build good habits, Changing habits will change your life! You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits, and surely your habits will change your future.

10=>Just believing that you’ve slept better than you really have is enough to boost cognitive performance the next day. It’ll improve your health in day-to-day life.

psychology facts of Life Hacks
psychology facts of Life Hacks

11=>Gossiping can make actually strengthen the bond between two people or make friendship stronger. So make as much conversation & share your secrets with your close ones.

12=>You appear more attractive to the other person when you make them laugh. So Build a good sense of humor that will be useful to you for interacting with other people in your entire life.

13=>When you just meet someone, refer them by their name. People love hearing their names. They will show more interest in you, life hacks study says that.

14=>Make a person fall in love with themselves and they’ll fall in love with you. Build confidence and motivation in them, Be their guide or well-wisher, that person will automatically fill a strong affection towards you proved by psychology.

15=>Your shoes are much more important than you think. People draw many conclusions about a person based on what shoes they’re wearing. So Buy very good shoes to surpass this occasion.

16=>Traveling boosts the brain’s activity and decreases depression. so travel as much as you can to unknown places to leave a healthy and happy life.

17=>Sleep more or minimum take 7 hours of sleep. Sleep makes you more creative and makes your memories stronger plus it releases the stress and pain from your body and decreases the anxiety and depression for leaving better life.

18=>If you are unable to sleep at night due to any strong thoughts going into your mind—Then get up and write them down,—it will release your stress and you can have a good sleep.

19=>If you announce your goal to someone, you are less likely to achieve it. So, keep your goal a secret-even in an interview.

20=>Good Relationships can make more impact on your health than exercise, according to psychology. Researchers found that the size and quality of a person’s social ties affect specific health measures, such as abdominal obesity and hypertension, at different points in their lives.

psychology facts of Life Hacks
psychology facts of Life Hacks

21=>Avoid stress. Stress is associated with higher body weight and ghrelin production, plus cravings for sugary fatty foods and hunger.

22=>Listening to music helps athletes or joggers to run more and helps them run faster.

23=>Music helps boost the growth of grey matter as this study published in Psychology Today suggests.

24=>Children laugh easily and often, but adults may forget to make room for laughter in their daily lives. If you can, incorporate laughter into your daily routine by finding what makes you laugh. Laughter Enhances Immunity, maturity, relief, Improves Sleep, and More happiness in life.

25=>Mistakes Aren’t Always Bad. In fact, making mistakes adds to your experience and you learn not to repeat them again. Success Comes from experience and experiences come from bad experiences.

26=>Living in sight of water can make you calmer, happier, and more creative, a study found.

27=>Unexpected Reinforcements Work Best. When rewards are unexpected, there are better chances of good performance the next time.

28=>Regular Breaks help us learn more. Allegedly, taking regular breaks while trying to memorize some material help us do it faster and more efficiently according to the survey.

29=>You Form a Habit In 66 Days. On average, it takes us 66 days to form any particular habit, be it good or bad. So don’t give up while building good habits it’ll be formed easily if you continue to practice them in a regular manner.

30=>Even the Idea of Progress is Motivating. When there is some idea or the prospect of progress, we seem to try and work harder. So be progressive, Don’t sit idle or free in your life always psychologically it’ll make you more successful.

31=>Intelligence increases with experience. This is in relation to “Experiential Intelligence”. It refers to the “Street-Smartness” of people. So take as much experience as you can, it’ll make you more mature to deal with life problems:)

32=>Jealousy stems from unhappiness. Rather than letting jealousy take over your emotions, it’s best to ask yourself “why” you feel that way and work on your own goals.

33=>People who trust their intuition or “gut feeling” are more accurate when predicting the outcome of a situation. They gave them arbitrary things to predict. The people who tried their intuition scored far higher than the others. They call this phenomenon the “Emotional Oracle Effect”.

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