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1=>Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental anxiety disorder which produces repeated thoughts or images about many different things, such as fear of germs, dirt, or intruders; acts of violence; hurting loved ones; sexual acts; or being overly tidy.

2=>Daniel Radcliffe, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Megan Fox and Justin Timberlake are all celebrities who have lived with OCD.

3=>On average, people are diagnosed with OCD when they are 19-years-old.

4=>In the U.S. 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children face OCD.

5=>According to the World Health Organization, anxiety disorders, like OCD, are more prevalent in developed countries than in developing countries.

6=>Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and medication are two ways of treating OCD.

7=>OCD symptoms are divided between obsessions: recurrent and persistent thoughts, urges, or impulses, and compulsions: repetitive behaviors or mental acts that the individual feels driven to perform in response to an obsession.

8=>OCD will makes your thoughts more towards to depression,Anxiety and sorrowness.It will make your personality more complex than normal human being.

9=>The difference between OCD in adults and in children is that children may not be able to realize the reason for their behavior or thoughts (or that their behaviors or thoughts are unusual).

10=>The difference between OCD in adults and in children is that children may not be able to realize the reason for their behavior or thoughts (or that their behaviors or thoughts are unusual).

11=>OCD is treatable, and people who suffer from it can live a normal life.

12=>OCD may affect men and women equally.

13=>Intrusive thoughts, or obsessions as psychologists call them, affect everyone. But some people can’t get rid of them as easily as the rest of us.

14=>Intrusive thoughts, or obsessions as psychologists call them, affect everyone. But some people can’t get rid of them as easily as the rest of us.

15=>Obsessive-compulsives are tortured by these thoughts, which they find profoundly disgusting and distressing.

16=>The obsessions experienced by OCD sufferers can be grouped along several common themes.like Common obsessions, Common compulsions etc.

17=>Common obsessions includes fears of contamination by germs, dirt or chemicals,flooding the house, causing a fire, or being burgled

18=>Many of us carry out daily rituals consisting of a series of tasks that we might otherwise forget. For example, checking that all the doors and windows are locked before we go to bed at night is a routine that guards against burglary. But in OCD, these rituals spiral out of control.

19=>OCD sufferers are driven to carry out complex rituals known as compulsions, which are triggered by obsessions.

20=>An obsessive-compulsive might check their doors and windows 50 to 100 times when an obsession about security gets stuck in their head. Obsessive-compulsives are completely powerless to control their compulsions.

21=>Most OCD compulsions are logically related to their obsession. For instance, sufferers carry out cleaning rituals in order to rid themselves of contaminants.

22=>Some Common compulsions that includes,1)Cleaning – repeatedly washing hands or wiping household surfaces for hours on end.2)Checking – repeatedly questioning whether lights switches are turned off, or appliances are unplugged etc.

23=>Some OCD sufferers are so afraid of being misunderstood by others that they become very skillful at hiding their symptoms, and can appear entirely normal. In other cases, symptoms can be so severe that sufferers receive disability compensation.

24=>Researchers have found that people with OCD often score very highly for particular personality traits. These include: Neuroticism, Impulsivity, Responsibility, Indecisiveness and Perfectionism.

25=>Neuroticism – anxious and keen to avoid dangerous situations during OCD personality traits.

26=>Impulsivity – a tendency to engage in activities that bring instant gratification during OCD personality traits.

27=>Responsibility – an exaggerated sense of responsibility for their actions during OCD personality traits.

28=>Indecisiveness – a tendency to take time in making decisions during OCD personality traits.

29=>Perfectionism – a need to get everything to feel right during OCD personality traits.

30=>Perfectionism is one of the most common personality traits in OCD. Indeed, some researchers have described obsessive-compulsives as the ultimate perfectionists.

31=>The difference between healthy and obsessive love is that with the latter, those feelings of infatuation become extreme, expanding to the point of becoming obsessions. Obsessive love and jealousy that is delusional is a symptom of mental-health problems and is a symptom that occurs in about 0.1% of adults.

32=>OLD is a one type of OCD.Obsessive love disorder” (OLD) refers to a condition where you become obsessed with one person you think you may be in love with. You might feel the need to protect your loved one obsessively, or even become controlling of them as if they were a possession.

33=>Symptoms of OCD may include:an overwhelming attraction to one person obsessive thoughts feeling the need to “protect” the person you’re in love with,possessive thoughts&actions,extreme jealousy over other interpersonal interactions and low self-esteem.Sometimes they physically harm themselves or that person also which turns into crime and mental illness.
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OCD may affect men and women equally.
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