UNO (United Nations Organization ) (Important) #2


16.Who was the First Chief Secretary of UNO ?
=>Trygve Lie (Norway)

Trygve Lie.
Trygve Lie.

17. Who gave the name of UNO ?
=>F.D Rugbalt

18. when was the Logo of UNO was designed ?
=>20th Oct.1947 A.D

United Nations Organizations
United Nations Organizations

19. Who was the first Lady chief Secretary of UNO Conference ?
=>Vijay Laxmi Chaturvedi (India)

20. Which organization Was First connected with UNO ?
=>ILO (International Labour Organization)

21. When was the ILO Established ?
=>11th April.1919 A.D

22. When ILo got peace Nobel Prize ?
=>In 1969 A.D

23. When FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) added with UNO ?
=>In 1946 A,D

24. When was FAO Established ?
=>16th April.1945 A.D

25. Where is the Headquarter of FAO ?
=>Rome (Italy)

26. When is the World Food day is Celebrated ?
=>16th Oct, (every yrs)

27. When was the UPU (Universal Postal Union) was added with UNO ?
=>1st Jully.1948 A.D

28. When was the UPU established ?
=>8th oct.1874 A.D

29. When was the Nepal added with UPU ?
=>11th July.1948 A.D

30. Where is the Headquarter of UPU ?
=>Bern (Switzerland)

31. Which country Contribute Maximum Budget to UNO ?
=>USA (22% of total Budget)

32. How much India Contribute in the total yearly Budget of UNO ?
=>0.737% only

33. When was Indonesia again connected to UNO ?
=>In 1996 A.D

34. When was Nepal Connected with UNO ?
=>14th Dec.1955 A.D


35. In which year the maximum number of Countries were connected with UNO ?
=>In 1960 A.D

36. On which date the maximum number of Countries were connected with UNO ?
=>14th Dec.1955 A.D

37. How many countries were connected with UNO on 14th Dec.1955 A.D ?
=>16 Countries

38. What is the name of UNO Security Team ?
=>Blue Halmets

39. When was the First UNO Conference was held ?
=>24th Oct.1945 A.D

40. Where is the University of UNO ?
=>Jingumae, Shibuya, (Tokyo-Japan)

41. How many Languages are now speaking in UNO Headquarter ?
=>6 Language (English, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic)

42. Which language is mainly use in Headquarter of UNO ?
=>English and French

43. Where was the First Conference of UNO was held ?
=>In Best Minister Building of London (U.K)

44. How many Candidates are allow to sit in UNO Conference from a country ?
=>5 Candidates

45. From when the UNO is Celebrated ?
=>From 1954 A.D (24th.Oct every year)

46. When was the Switzerland connected with UNO ?
=>11th Sep.2002 A.D

47. .After how many Country the Switzerland connect with UNO ?
=> After 189 Country

48. How many Chief Secretary are changed till 2017 ?

49. How many Countries are connected with UNO till 2017 .
=>193 Countries

50. Which is the last Country that Connect with UNO ?
=>South Sudan


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