World Wide G.K #3 – FIRST IN THE WORLD Mount Everest Facts

1 First in the world
1. Which first couple got married on the roof of the world (Mount Everest) ?
Ashley Schmieder and her husband James trekked (California)
2. Which was the first oldest person that climb on Mount Everest?
Takayo Arayama (70 years, 6 months, 13 days old man) (2006 may 17) (Japan)  
3. Who is known as the “Tiger of Snow”?
Tenzing norgay Sherpa
4. Which woman climb maximum times on Mount Everest ?
Lahakpa Sherpa 8 times (Nepal) till 2016
5. Which was the first oldest woman that climbs Alone on Mount Everest ?
Jamay Watanabay (Japan) (63years, 5Months, 27 days Old)
6. In which year the maximum climber’s climb on Mount Everest till 2017.?
1988 (200+)


. Mount Everest is near about 29,035 fit or 8848 metres height
. Everest is believed to be more than 60 Million years ago.
. Everest is known as chomolungma , mother “Goddesses of the universe”.
.It consists different types of shale, limestone and marble and rocky Summit deep snowfall all long.
.The wind can be blow over blue 200 mph.
. The temperature can be -80 °f
. 288 people (173 westerners and 115 sherpas) have died on Everest from 1924 2 june 2017.
. In 1865, it was named Mount Everest, after sir George everest.
. There are 18 different climbing routes on Mount Everest
. It takes minimum 40 days to climb Mount Everest.
. Climber wear spikes on their boots called Crampons.
. All climber shoes bottled oxygen because it is so high. it helps keep the climber warm.
You have to be 16 or older to climb from Nepal side, and between 18 to 60 on the China site.
Mostly sherpa’s are found in that areas

Usually Sherpa’s First name is the day of the week they born.
*Sunday= Nyima
*Monday= Dawa
*Tuesday= Mingma
*Wednesday= Lhakpa
*Thursday= Phurba
*Friday= Pasang
*Saturday= Pemba

First in the world

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