Psychological fats of mind-

Psychological Facts of MIND

1=>There are three types of long term memories:episodic(life experiences),semantic(information or knowledge) and procedural(how to do things and learned body responses). 2=>The human brain is composed of approximately 75 percent water, as well as fat and protein. 3=>Learning new things changes your brain and increase your intelligence—even if you're older. 4=>Long term memory is controlled by the Vernicke speech area. 5=>Music changes the way we think in our mind and our preception of the world. 6=>The

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Psychological Facts of Male

Psychological Facts of MALE

1=>Male who are clean shaved are believed to be more trustworthy than the ones who are not.But Reverse applies for attraction, Men with Beard are more attractive than clean shaved ones according to surveys. 2=>Male wearing shirt look more attractive than the ones wearing t shirts. 3=>On average,men rank humor,intelligence,and niceness ahead of physical appearance in long term relationship. 4=>Male changes their minds up to 3 times as often as women do.Also men

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Personal Encrypter/Decrypter

Personal Encrypter/Decrypter {PED}

Hello Reader , Myself Vikas Chaudhary , I have coded This Tool PED => Personal Encrypter/Decrypter . PED => Personal Encrypter/Decrypter PED Coded By => Vikas Chaudhary Published On => Github=> Version=> 2.3 ONLY DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE GIVEN OFFICIAL LINK , DO NOT TRUST IN OTHER PLACES. Download For 32 bit Windows Download for 64 Bit Windows See on GitHub Personal Encrypter/Decrypter {PED} is a Windows Based software  for Personal Privacy . Use PED for your

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psychological facts of LOVE and Relationship

Psychological Facts of Love and Relationship

1=>If you hold hands with someone you love, this can help to alleviate physical pain as well as any feelings of stress and fear. 2=>A healthy relationship will never require you to sacrifice your friends,your dreams or your dignity. 3=>Psychology claims that if two past lovers can remain just friends,its either they are still in love,or never were. 4=>Dating an awkward person is less stressful. You laugh more and have more fun which

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