Remote Phishing Tool (RPT) 45 Website Pages – Vikas chaudhary

Hello Reader , Myself Vikas Chaudhary , I have coded This RPT tool which means Remote Phishing Tool.

Remote Phishing tool (RPT) is coded in Bash script which mostly used in Linux (Kali,parrot…etc).
By using this Tool you can get full credential of your Target just by send a link generated by RPT..
Using interface is very simple , you have to just choose the number according to your Target interested Site and then send the link to target , RPT provide Full information .

RPT Provide Credential like Continent , Country ,State ,City, ISP , Speed , Using Browser , Os with Version , Platform , and Most Important things USERNAME and PASSWORD .


1- Any Linux Distribution (kali, Parrot , Backbox…)
2- Curl
3- git
4- php

Here are the Steps How to use RPT (Remote Phishing tool)

Step-1 Click here to DOWNLOAD Remote Phishing Tool (RPT)


Remote Phishing Tool - Vikas Chaudhary

Step-2 Open Terminal
Step-3 Cd RPT
Step-4 chmod +x

Remote Phishing Tool - Vikas Chaudhary

step-5 ./

Remote Phishing Tool - Vikas Chaudhary

Step-6 Now Choose your Number according to your Target Interest
Send the Generated Link to Target and say to open it
Remote Phishing Tool - Vikas Chaudhary

Step-8 Now JOB DONE Here all the Credential Will Show on Terminal.

Remote Phishing Tool - Vikas Chaudhary

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RPT is just only made for Educational Purpose , So please don’t use it for any Illegal purpose otherwise only you will be Responsible for that , so please be careful….. I Hope You will will always use it for Educational Purpose

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