Science and Technology


SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY IN EVERYDAY LIFE In today’s world, science and technology (S& T) plays a significant role in our daily life. From the moment we wake up till we sleep, science affects our every single moment. Though, the significance of science and technology for society has long been recognised, but its importance has increased mainly in the last 25 years. Due to this, many efforts to inform the public

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What is Atomic Theory-List of Atomic Theory

ATOMIC THEORY An Atomic theory is a model developed to explain the properties and behaviors of atoms. As with any scientific theory, an atomic theory is based on scientific evidence available at any given time and serves to suggest future lines of research about atoms. The concept of an atom can be traced to debates among Greek philosophers that took place around the sixth century B.C. One of the questions that

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101 Amazing Facts of SCIENCE- that you cant’t believe.Mind Blowing

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Synthetic elements

List of all Synthetic (man-made) Elements till 2017.

< Synthetic Elements > Synthetic elements are unstable Chemical elements and they are not naturally found on the earth. These elements are synthesized (made)in the laboratory. All of them are unstable and radioactive in nature, which means they emit radiations and decay into other elements. Their discovery helped to fill the empty gaps in the periodic table, and they were later produced for research purposes. There are 118 elements

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