First in the world #1

1. In which country the highest altitude of the railway line is situated.?
Tibet China _ tanggula Railway.
2. From when the highest altitude in the world Railway is running?
2006 July 1st.
3. What is the altitude (height) of that railway
5072 M- from sea level.
4. Which country of the world has a large number of Police forces?
China (27 lakh)
5. Who was the first woman that travel in space?
Anushea Ansari (America)
6. Who and when gave the name of Mount Everest?
Surverar Jung. in 1865 A.D
7. Who was the first climber of Mount Everest?
Tenzing Norway (Nepal) and Edmund Hillary (New Zealand)
8. From when the people were starting to climb Mount Everest?
1963 May 29
9. What is the average Width of Mount Everest?
About 7 metre
10. Who was the first person that climb on Mount Everest without oxygen?
Renhold Mashnor (Italy) and Piter Hablier (Austria) in 1978- may -8

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