First in the world #2>

images 1 general knowledge

1.Who was the First journalist climb on Mount Everest?
Estine Asin (Norway)
2. Who was the first woman that climb on Mount Everest?
Juncoo Tabae (Japan)
3. When was the first Juncoo Tabae climb on Mount Everest?
1975 may 16
4. Who was given the another name of Mount Everest ” the third pole”
Michal Carck
5. Which climber climbs on Mount Everest 10 times without oxygen till 2015 a.d.?
Ankrita Shrepa (Nepal)
6. Which was the first climber that stay 21 hours on the Mount Everest without oxygen?
Babu chheri Sherpa (Nepal) first to last
7. Which was the first blind person that climb on Mount Everest ?
Erik Weihenmayer-2001, May -25 (America)
8. Which was the first child that climb on Mount Everest ?
Warsia Tahnbachheri Sherpa (in 14yrs old) (Nepal)
9. Till 2017 A.D which climber climbs more time on Mount Everest?
Aatpa Sherpa 19 times (Nepal)
10. Who was the one hand person that climbs Mount Everest?
Gari Onee Gellier (America)