World Wide G.K #8

A Treasure Of Knowledge

“Knowledge without application is simply knowledge. Applying the knowledge to one’s life is wisdom — and that is the ultimate virtue”

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1. Which is the smallest coin of world ?
=> Jawa (Weight 0.002 g ) (Nepal)

World Wide  #8
A Treasure Of Knowledge

2.Which Country has the highest Wheat Production of the world ?
=> France

3. Which Country has the maximum number of species of Monkey ?
=> Brazil

4. From which country the Hand Shake was started ?
=> Union Greece

5. Who first said that earth is like an Orange ?
=> Pythagoras

6. Which is the largest open field in the world ?
=> Pamir (Tibet)

7. Which plant look like Insect during Winter ?
=> Yarsagumba

World Wide  #8
A Treasure Of Knowledge

8. Which is The Most weightless thing of the world ?
=> Graphene Aerogel ( created by chinese material scientists at Zhejiang University – 7 times lighter than air – weighs 016 milligrams )

9. Which is the biggest landlocked country of world?
=> Mongolia

10. Which Country of the world has highest production of Potato ?
=> Germany

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