500 + General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Hello, reader today I am going to post easy general knowledge and answers from the world of 2022 which are generally asked in competitive exams. Here you will find 500 + General Knowledge Questions and Answers of 2022. It contains all the major categories like Science & Technology, History, Mystery, Cyberworld, and Worldwide facts.

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500 + General Knowledge Questions And Answers are listed below:-

112 Is The Atomic Number Of Which Metal
2What British Motor Vehicle Displayed At 1948 Amsterdam Show
#Land Rover
3What Was Didus Ineptus Better Known As
#The Dodo
4Which Countries Name Come From The Wood Its First Major Export
5What Is A Knout
#Russian flogging whip
6Mrs. Hugh McCorquodale Was Famous As What Literary Figure
#Barbara Cartland
7In What Modern Country Is Mount Ararat
8What Was The Police Chiefs Name In The First Two Jaws Films
#Martin Brody
9Which Country First Used The Fountain Pen
10What Original Story Begins Aladdin Was A Little Chinese Boy
#1001 Arabian Nights
11Which Poet Wrote A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever In Endymion
12What Has 32 Panels And 642 Stitches
#A football (soccer)
13What Is The World’s Tallest Grass?
14In Star Trek What Is The Name Of Spock’s Father
15In Texas, It’s Illegal To Swear In Front Of What
#A Corpse
16The Dutch Royal Family Are Orange Where Is Orange
#Village in France
17The Harlem Globetrotters Had What Signature Tune
#Sweet Georgia Brown
18In Lebanon, It Is Legal To Have Sex With Who / What
#Female animals -males death
19Who Rejected The Olivia Newton-John Role In Grease
#Marie Osmond
20What Do The Chinese Regard As The Highest Form Of Visual Art
21Sarah Jane Fulks – Anne Francis Bobbins Both Married Who
#Ronald Reagan J Wyman N Davis
22Cancha, Cesta, Cinta Terms In Which Sport
#Jai Alai – Court Glove Tape
23Which Leader Died In St Helena
#Napoleon Bonaparte
24In Greek Mythology Who Was Queen Of The Underworld
25What Is The Most Commonly Prosecuted Illegal Act
26In Japan What Is Yomiyuri Shimbun
#Newspaper – world’s best-seller
27Who Wrote The Opera Der Rosenkavalier
#Richard Strauss
28What Could An Australian Win A Stanley For
29If You Were Given A French Gobelin What Would You Have Had
#A Tapestry
30What Did Farters Collect
#Pigs – its an old English word
31What Is The Only Flag Permitted To Be Flown Over The US Flag
#United Nations Flag
32Collective Nouns – A Fall Of What
33Who Read The Original Writing On The Wall
#Daniel – in the Bible
34March April And May Are The Only Months That Have What
#Anagrams Charm Ripal Yam
35What Was The Original Filling Of The Savaloy Sausage
#Pigs Brains
36Who Were The First People To Measure The Year
37Zane Grey The Western Writer Had What Initial Profession
38Who Is Known As The Father Of English Poetry – 1340 – 1400
#Geoffrey Chaucer
39Susseration Is What
40Celibate Egyptian Priests Were Forbidden To Eat What Aphrodisiac
41What Is The Final Event In The Modern Pentathlon
#Horse riding
42In Ashville, North Carolina It’s Illegal To Do What On The Streets
43In The Simpsons Name The Cat
44Name The Most Downloaded Cyber pet Over 14 Million
#MOPy fish screensaver
45What Was The First Film Paul Newman Directed
#Rachel Rachel
46What Links Duke Wellington, Earl Derby, Marquis Salisbury
#UK Prime Ministers
47What Country Is Nearest To The North Pole
48Which Group Of People First Used Gold Fillings
#Incas of Peru
49What Italian Stew Literally Translates As Bone With A Hole
#Osso Bucco
50In Costa Rica And El Salvador You Spend What
51In What Country Was John McEnroe Born
52Disgusting Question – Longest Verified American One 12′ 2″ What
#Turd – over 2hrs 12 minutes
53In The 70s The Bahamas Gained Independence From Who
#Great Britain
54In WW2 What Was The German Codename For Invasion Of Russia
55In Tampa Bay Florida It’s Illegal Who Who/What To Leave Ships
56A Gazette – Is Obvious What Was A Gazetta Where Word Comes
#A small Italian coin -pay for news
57What Kind Of Creature Was Sam On The Muppet Show
58Three What Appear On The Connecticut State Flag
#Grape Vines
59In 1995 The Average US Public School Had 75 What
#Computers installed
60Where Did You Find Cherry Strawberry Orange Apple Grape Bird
#Pac Man speed up things
61In Scrabble What Two Letters Are Worth Ten Points
62TABSO Is The National Airline Of Which Country
63Charles Stratton Became Famous As What Circus Act
#Tom Thumb
64Which English King Was Crowned On Christmas Day
#William the Conqueror in 1066
65Who Was Douglas Elton Ullman Better Known As
#Douglas Fairbanks Senior
66Which Country Has No Public Toilets
67Where Was The World’s First Supermarket Built (Country)
68Theophilus Van Kannal Invented What In 1888 In Philadelphia
#Revolving Door
69Apart From Man What Is New Zealand’s Only Native Mammals
70What Book Was Given To All Officers In The Confederate Army
#Les Miserables
71US School Buses Are Chrome Yellow But They Used To Be What
#Omaha Orange
72Greeks Romans Regarded What Herb As Symbol Immortality
73You Are A Saucy Boy Comes From What Shakespeare Play
#Romeo and Juliet
74Which Country Was The First To Introduce Old Age Pensions
75How Often Does A Quotidian Thing Occur
76Which Sports Trophy Was Named After Fredrick ArthurStanley Cup
#Fred is Lord Stanley
77Which Bird Turns It Head Upside Down To Eat
78What Are The World’s Smallest Trees – (Not Bonsai)
#Dwarf Willows (Greenland) 2 inch
79In What American State Do Most People Walk To Work
80AG Bell Opened School In Boston In 1872 For Teachers Of What
#The Deaf
81Julius Sturgis In 1861 Built The First US Factory Making What
82Name The Profession Most Often Late For Doctors Appointments
83Common, English, Flemish, Running And Stack Types Of What
#Brick wall bonds -how laid
84Who Was The Bad In The Spaghetti Westerns
#Lee van Cleef
85Collective Nouns – What Are A Group Of Greyhounds Called
#A Leash
86Concetta Franconeri Became More Famous As Who
#Connie Francis
87In Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite Which Planet Is The Magician
88Tsaritsyn In Russia Used To Be Known As What
#Volgograd Stalingrad
89In The Bible Who Put Daniel In The Lions Den
#King Darius
90What Popular Bird Derives Its Name From Abo For Good To Eat
91What Links Hof Malomo Zagreb Belgrade Porto Varna Vevey
#International film festivals
92What Type Of Large Vehicle Is Named After A Hindu God
93The Profits From The 1929 Edition Of Mein Kampf Went To Where
#International Red Cross
94What Would You Expect In A Japanese No Pan Kissa Restaurant
#Mirror floor knickerless women
95Where Would You Find A Canton, Halyard, And Field
#On a Flag
96Amaxophobia Is The Fear Of What
#Riding in a vehicle
97The Campbell-Stokes Recorder Measures What With A Glass Ball
98In Riverside Cal, Its Illegal To Kiss Unless Both Wipe Lips With What
#Rose Water
99The Sea Cook Was The Original Title Of What Famous Novel
#Treasure Island
100What Countries People Had The Longest Life Expectation
101What Animal Has A Forked Penis
102What Is The Traditional Gift For A Sixth Wedding Anniversary
103What Did Composer Berlioz Originally Study
104Name Indiana Joneses Dog
105P L Travers Created Which Famous Character
#Mary Poppins
106In Dyersburg Tennessee, It’s Illegal For A Woman To What To A Man
#Call for a date
107Lovely Rita Meter Maid Appeared On Which Beatles Album
#Sergeant Peppers
108Sigmund Freud Had A Phobia – What Was He Afraid Of
109Humans Are 10,000 Times More Sexually Active That What Animal
110On What Common Object Would You Find A Sleeve And A Tray
#A Matchbox
111The Flowers Of The Curry Plant Are What Colour
112Who Wrote The Novel Heidi
#Johannes Spyri
113Who Sang About Saturday Night At The Movies
#The Drifters
114Collective Nouns – What Are A Group Of Apes Called
115What Is A Spermologer Interested In
116Operation Market Garden WW2 Involved The Invasion Of Where
117Who Wrote The Joy Of SexAlex
118Issur Danielovitch Became Famous A Who
#Kirk Douglas
119What Is The Name Of Data’s Cat In Star Trek Next Generation
120Who Would Use A Jigger, Buzz, Flagging Iron, Round Shaver, Adze
#Cooper – making barrels
121What Is The Most Chemically Complex Food – Over 300 Chemicals
122What Did William Young Invent In 1800
#Different shoes left right
123In 1659 Massachusetts Outlawed What
#Christmas – it was illegal
124In What Country Is Legoland
125What Are Silver Coins Made From
#Copper Nickel
126What Word Is In 1200 Different Languages Without Changing
127What 1979 Film Won The Oscar For Best Visual Effects
128Which Part Of The Human Body Contains The Most Gold
129In 1923 The BBC First Broadcast What On The Radio
130Ambrosia The Food Of The Gods From The Greek Ambroata Means
131What Was Napoleon Bonaparte’s Official Emblem
132India Has The Largest Hindu Population What Country Has Second
133The Greeks Used Hexagonal Or Triangular Ones Of Burnt Clay What
134In Traditional Wedding Anniversaries What Is Given On The 14th
135Palm, Olive, Cyprus, And Cedar What Is The Biblical Link
#Woods cross made
136Which Food Was Rationed After WW2 Ended But Not During It
137Elvis Presley Said Big What On A Woman Turned Him Off
138Who Wrote The Hymn Hear My Prayer
139Kevin Kline won Best Supporting Actor Oscar Which 1988 Film
#A Fish Called Wanda
140Which Animal Sleeps With One Eye Open
141What Does The Boys Name Paul Mean
#Small – from Latin
142If A Wine Is Described As Alcooleux What Has It Got
#Overwhelming alcohol
143Which Playing Card Is Called The Curse Of Scotland
#Nine of Diamonds
144What Is A Bandy Bandy
#A Snake
145Where Would You See Analog Watches Showing 10.10
#On most watch advertisements
146Tracy Marrow A Former Convict Born 1958 Changed Name To What
147What Is Measured On The Gay-Lussac Scale
#Alcohol strength
148What Was Richard Wagner’s Second Opera – Idea During Sea Trip
#The Flying Dutchman
149What Is The Hole In A Pencil Sharpener Called
150Who Said “People Only See What They Are Prepared To See”
#Ralph W Emmerson
151Itamae Have What Job In Japan
#Chef – In Front of the cutting board
152Who Defended World Heavyweight Title Twice On Same Night In 1906
#Tommy Burns – both 1st KOs
153A Romana Café Features What Liqueur
154Intelligent Report A Quarterly Magazine In US Which Subject
#UFO organization
155In El Monte California It’s Illegal For Who/What To Sleep In Bathtub
#Horse – unless ridden
156Which Key Word Was Removed From The Olympic Charter In 1971
157There Are More In Los Angeles Than In All France – What
158In The Middle Ages People Threw What At The Bride And Groom
159King Zog Ruled Which Country
160What TV Show Was Set In Wentworth Detention Centre
#Prisoner Cell Block H
161Who Is The Biggest Landowner In New York City
#Catholic Church
162What Does Sputnik Literally Mean
#Fellow Traveller
163Bondi Grape Blueberry Lime Tangerine Strawberry Colours What
#Apple iMac
164In The Snoopy Cartoons What Does Lucy Offer In Her Booth
#Psychiatric help
165In 1901 Dr. Dausand Demonstrated What That Never Caught On
#Silent Cinema – for the blind
166How Many Sheep Are Used To Produce One Angora Sweater
#None Angora comes from rabbits
167Where Was The First Public Library Opened In 1747
#Warsaw Poland
168What Is Challa
#Bread – often plaited
169Which Magazine Uses The Winged Horse Pegasus As Its Logo
#Readers Digest
170Aegis Belonged To Zeus What Was Aegis
#A Shield
171Details Of What Can Be Found In The Blue Book
#US Aristocracy
172Last Words I Am Dying With The Help Of Too Many Physicians
#Alexander the Great
173Captain Jean Luc-Picard Keep A Fish Called What
174All Soldiers Of Every Country Do It – Do What
#Salute with the right hand
175Aristide Olt Was What Early Name Used By A Famed Actor
#Bela Lugosi
17656% Of Men Have Had Sex Where
#At Work
177What Shape Is Anelli Pasta
178In 1779 Abraham Darby Built The World’s First What
#Metal Bridge
179Who Had A Hit With “Son Of My Father” In 1972
#Chicory Tip
180Which Film Begins Friday, December 11th, 2.43 pm
181The Three-Toed Sloth Only Does It Every 10 Days – What
#Defecate – or crap
182What Bird Has The Longest Fledging Period 360 Days
#King Penguin
183In Which Australian State Is Tittybong
184In The Film Industry What Is A Flipper (Used By Child Actors)
#False teeth
185What Kind Of Animal Is A Lurcher
186The Locals Call It Druk Yul – Land Of The Dragon What Country
187What Word Come From The Latin Phrase “To Be Ashamed Of”
188What Actress Said “I Dress For Women – Undress For Men”
#Angie Dickinson
189In What Country Is Tiahuanaco
190The Eggplant Is Part Of What Family Of Plants
191Which Characters Are Described As Being Three Apples High
#The Smurfs
192Kimberlite Contains What Precious Item
193Who In Books And Films Was The Man Of Bronze
#Doc Savage
194Limnology Is The Study Of What
#Marshes from Greek
195Mumbai Is The Modern Name Of Which City
196Psychologists Say Men Who Prefer Small Breasts What Mentally
197What Common Word Comes From The French For Purse Or Wallet
198Which Microbe Produces Alcohol
#Yeast – alcohol is yeast piss
199In The Bible What Did David Give Saul As A Dowry For Michal
#200 Foreskins from Philistines
200In What Film Was The First Flushing Toilet Seen
201What Toy Is Manufactured To A Tolerance Of 5 Thou Of A Millimetre
202Who Is Homer Simpson’s Brother
#Herb Powell
203St Luke Followed What Profession Before Joining Jesus
204What Does The Girls Name Zoe Mean
205What Pop Group Had A “Message In A Bottle”
206In Denmark, There Is A 20 Kroner Fine For Not Reporting What
#Your own or anyone else’s death
207Whose Final Words Were “It Hurts”
#Charles De Gaulle
208What Historical Event Was Referred To As Black 47
#Irish Potato Famine
209Tyrian Purple Is A Strong Dye Made From What
#Mussels and Whelks
210What Actor Is The Spokesman For The National Rifle Association
#Charlton Heston
211Who Was The First Person To Wear A Wristwatch
#Queen Elizabeth 1st
212Italy Schiaffetoni, Rosetti And Crusetti In Sicily What Pasta Type
213What Is Orchesis – Either Professional Or Amateur
#Art of Dancing
214Who Had A Job As A Grave Digger
#Rod Stuart
215Name The Superspy Man From Z.O.W.I.E. Played James Coburn
#Our Man Flint
216In What Country Was Bonnie Prince Charlie Born
217What Was Originally Called Eskimo Pie
#Chocolate Ices
218Collective Nouns – A Tribe Or Trip Of What
219Who Was Bette Midler’s Piano Player Before Going Solo
#Barry Manilow
220Who Was The First Person Elected To US Swimming Hall Fame
#Johnny Weismuller
221William Hartnell Was The First To Play What TV Character
#Dr. Who
222A Tittiliomaniac Has The Compulsion To Do What
223Natasha Gurdin Became Famous As Who
#Natalie Wood
224In Which Country Would You Find The Negev Desert
225Which Country Invented The Mariners Compass
226In Hartford Connecticut, It Is Illegal To Educate What
#Your dog
227What Is The Japanese Shinkansen
#High-speed Train
228In Germany What Can You Not Wear During A Strike
#A Mask
229Who Was The Last Indian Chief To Die In Battle At Wounded Knee
#Big Foot
230What Are Limerick, Round Bend, Aberdeen, And Octopus
#Fishing Hooks
231Where Does The Abbreviation For Pound Lb Come From
#Libra the scales
232An Outline Is A Cross Between What Two Items
#Tangerine – Orange
233Name The First Space Probe To Land On The Moon 13 Sept 1959
#Luna 2
234What Is Litmus Derived From
235Who Wrote The Royal Firework Music
#George Friedric Handel
236Mintonette Was The Original Name Of What Sport In 1891
237What Fictional Englishman Belongs To The Ganymede Club
238What Is The Only Creature Born With Horns
239Where Would You Find The Ponte De Sospiri
#Venice – Bridge of Sighs
240Jamie Farr Played What Role In MASH
#Corporal Clinger
241If A Dish Is Served Pomontier What Does It Contain
242Which Fictional Character Lived At Montague Street Before Moving
#Sherlock Holmes
243Lagomorphs Refer To Which Animal
244In Which Sport Are Left-Handed People Banned From Playing
245Who Directed The Movie Wall Street 1987
#Oliver Stone
246What Does A Manometer Measure
#Gas pressure
247A Blue Imperial Or A New Zealand White Types Of What
248Who Was The Voice Of Scooby-Doo
#Mickey Dolenz
249Which Place, Now An Airport, Once Staged The Grand National
250Britain’s Most Dangerous Job Used To Kill One Person Every 3 Days
251Where Was/Is The Original Penthouse
#In a Real Tennis Court
252What Was A Spiney Pear
253You Could Be Executed For Drinking What In Ancient Turkey
254Who Wrote The Female Of The Species More Deadly Than The Male
#Rudyard Kipling
255If You Suffer From Protanopia You Cannot See What
#Colour red
256What Is Orduna
#Arousal by nude pics
257In 1982 San Francisco Became The First US City To Do What
#Ban sale possession of handguns
258In Milton’s Paradise Lost What Was The Lowest Point Of Hell
#Pandemonium (Hells capitol)
259Which Country Consumes The Most Chicken Per Capita
#Saudi Arabia
260Collective Nouns – A Knot Of What
261Where Was Harry Houdini Born
#Budapest Hungary
262Who Wrote Dr. Zhivago
#Boris Pasternak
263BOZ Was The Penname If Which, Writer
#Charles Dickens
264In The Old Testament, What Book Comes Between Obadiah – Micah
265The Word Opera Is A Plural Of Opus Meaning What
#Grand Work
266In Venezuela Lovers Use Pink What
#Envelopes – post half price
267Which Of Jesus Disciples Was The Treasurer
#Judas Escariot
268In What Series Of Books Did The Empress Of Blandings Appear
#Jeeves and Wooster a pig
269Do This Constantly 9 Year 11month 3day 43 Min Power = A Bomb What
#Pass Wind – Fart
270In What American State Do Most Fail To Graduate
271In Texarkana, It’s Illegal To Ride A Horse At Night Without What
#Tail Lights
272Do Ahashya Da Is Navaho For What
#I am Stupid
273A JPEG Is A Picture File Format – What Does JPEG Stand For
#Joint Photographic Experts Group
274Name The Hero Len Deighton’s Ipcress File And Funeral In Berlin
#Not named in books Harry Palmer in films
275What Was The Acta Diurna Introduced By Julius Caesar 59 BC
#Daily News (paper) posted in the forum
276What Traditional Maori Insult Was Seen In The Film Braveheart
277Don Quixote Was The Man Of La Mancha What’s It In English
#The Stain
278If You Are Born In March What Is Your Flower
279In 19th Century Florence, It Was Illegal For Women To Wear What
280In The Rocky Films What Was The Name Of Rocky’s Wife
28130 Million People In The USA Have Diasima – What Is It
#The gap in front teeth
282Who Was The Last Living Person On A US Postal Stamp
#Nobody it’s illegal
283The Tumblebug Is An Alternative Name For Which Insect
#Dung Beetle
284In Spain What Are Paradors
#State-owned tourist hotels
285San Francisco By Law You Can’t Clean Your Car With What
#Used Underwear
286Pidgin English Started Because Of Trade Between UK And Where
287In Old England What Would You Do With Your Titties
#Its an old word for Sisters
288The Afghan Taliban Use Which Colour Of Flag
289The Bald Eagle Is Americas Bird – What Is Britain’s
290If You Had Psygophillia What Would Arouse You
#Contact with buttocks
291What Country Was Ruled By The Schleswig-Holstein Dynasty
292Alcoholics Get The DTs What Does It Stand For
#Delirium Tremens
293What Kind Of Material Is Guipure
294What Was King George VI First Name
#Albert – but Victoria said no king Albert
295What Does A Psephologist Study
#Voting – Elections
296Kolpeuryntomania Is What Sexual Activity
#Stretching the vagina
297Cher Ami A Homing Pigeon Won The DSC And Had What Item
#A Wooden Leg
298Why Did Roselin Franklin (Pre Discovered Dna Helix) No Nobel
#She was dead
299What Books Original Title Was Murder In The Calais Coach
#Murder on the Orient Express
300Yoon-Mi Kim Olympic Gold Aged 13 Years 83 Days What Sport
#Short-track speedskating
301Ruth Eisemann-Schier Was The First Woman To Get On What
#Fbi ten most wanted list
302UK What Sized By Grains Peas Singles Doubles Trebles Cobbles
303What Is A Peruke
#A wig
304Average Britain In Their Lifetime Eats 4907 What
#Loaves of Bread
305What Is The Most Easy Thing To Recycle
306In What Film – Charlie Chaplain Have His First Speaking Part 1940
#The Great Dictator -Adenoid Hinkel
307An Accolade Is Something Of Praise What Was Original Meaning
#Shoulder sword touched knighting
308Who Was Humphry Bogart’s First Wife
#Helen Mencken
309Cushat, Rock And Stock All Types Of Which Creature
310In The USA A Police 10-31 Is The Code For What
#Crime in progress
311Speed Skating Started In Which Country
312Strabismus Is The Correct Name For What Condition
#A Squint
313What Is The World’s Most Popular First Name
314Tintoretto Did Most Of His Painting In What City
315Who Wrote Northanger Abbey
#Jayne Austin
316What Is The Opposite Of Nocturnal
317The Word Matrix In The Bible Means What
318What Country Has The World’s Oldest National Anthem
319From Which Plant Do We Get Linseed Oil
320In Heraldry An Animal Reguardant Is Doing What
#Looking backward
321The A1 Is The Longest Trunk Road In The UK Between What 2 Cities
#London – Edinburgh
322Rita Kuti Kis Represented Hungary In What Sport
323What Is The Colour Of Mourning In Turkey
324In 1956 Irma Nagy Lead A Revolt In Which Country
#Hungary against Russia – Stalin
325He Was R C Robinson In 1948 What Name Famous As Now
#Ray Charles
326What Word Appears Over 46000 Times In The Bible
327Why Was Convict 2599 Unusual In Pen State Prison 1924
#Dog doing life for killing cat
328The Sackbut Developed Into Which Modern Instrument
329David John Moore Cornwell Became Famous As Who
#John Le Carre
330Flies And Humans Can Both Get Which Condition
#Athletes Foot
331Who Said “A Single Death Is A Tragedy A Million A Statistic”
#Joseph Stalin
332Where Was Keanu Reeves Born
#Beirut – Lebanon
333By What More Common Name Do We Know Major Boothroyd
#Q in the Bond films
334What Capitol Is On The Slopes Of The Volcano Pichincha
#Quito Ecuador
335Where In Europe Can You Find Wild Monkeys
336What Animals Teeth Were Used As Knife Blades By The Indians
337According To USA Today What Is The Favourite Luxury Car
#1 Lexus 2 Mercedes 3 BMW
338What Was The Name Of Haile Salassie Before He Was Crowned
#Ras Tafari
339Which Religions Name Means The Way Of The Gods
340An Asian Gecko And A Sweet European Wine What Word Fits Both
341Anethum Tastes A Little Like Aniseed – What Herb Is It
342What Is Bart Simpson’s Middle Name
343Carara In Tuscany Is Famous For Producing What
344Lewis Wilson Was The First Actor To Play Which Character
345What Are Spraints
#Otter droppings (shit)
346Richard Adams Wrote The Novel Shardik What Was Shardik
#A Bear
347In The Simpsons Name The Police Chief
#Chester Wiggum
348In Which USA State Is Churchill Downs Racetrack
#Louisville Kentucky
349Who Wrote The Music To The Film The Odessa File
#Andrew Lloyd Webber
350A Fisherman In The Aral Sea Had His Boat Destroyed By What
#A Cow – USA air force dumped it
351Its Branches Are Soto Renzai Members Ponder Koans What Is It
#Zen Buddhism
352What Is Latke
#A potato pancake
353UK Football Derby County Home The Baseball Ground Nickname
354For What Is Spirits Of Salt Another Name
#Hydrochloric acid
355The Soviet Sukhoi-34 Fighter Was The World’s First With What
#A Toilet in it
356In Greek What (Bad For Your Diet Item) Translates Into Solid Bile
357Lusitania Was The Roman Name Of What Modern Country
358In Bonanza What Was Hoss Cartwright’s Characters First Name
359Vodka – Triple Sec And Lime Juice Make What Cocktail
360In The Phantom Of The Opera, How Does The Phantom Sign Notes
#OG – Opera Ghost
361Sam Weller Was Whose Servant In A Dickens Book
#Samuel Pickwick
362What Pop Star Served A Football Apprenticeship With Brentford
#Rod Stuart
363In Massachusetts, It Is Illegal To Duel With What
#Water Pistols
364What Was The Final Episode Of MASH Called
#Goodbye Farewell and Amen
365The State Tree Of Arizona Is Really A Legume – Name It
#Palo Alto
366Rocket USA Is Going To Produce A Wind Up Doll What Figure 2002
#Homer Simpson
367Who Sang Shattered Dreams In 1987
#Johnny Hates Jazz
368Who Is The Alter Ego Of Henry The Mild Mannered Janitor
#Hong Kong Phooey
369Who Was The First Gymnast To Score A Perfect 10 In Olympics
#Nadia Comaneci
370According To The Proverb Which Fruit Tastes Sweetest
371Who Owned The Yacht Lady Ghislane
#Robert Maxwell
372Philematology Is The Science Of What
373IBM Is Big Blue Coca Cola Big Red Who Is Big Black
#United Parcel Service UPS
374What Common Word Comes From Knights After The Crusades
375Where Are Bay Of Heats And Bay Of Dew Sinus Aestuum – Roris
#Nearside of Moon
376What Nationality Was Cleopatra
377What Is A Flemish Giant
378In Schulter Oklahoma, Nude Women Cannot Do What
379What Nationality Was Morse Inventor Of The Famous Code
380Which US Actor Woke Up When A Elephant Crapped On His Head
#William Shatner
381The Marino Sheep Originated In What Country
382Stan Laurel, Mickey Rooney, Lana Turner What In Common
#8 marriages
383What Became Legal In 1901 In The UK
384What Is A Texas Ruby Red
385What Author Criticised Evangelism In His Novel Elmer Gantry
#Sinclair Lewis
386Who Played Billy The Kid In The Left-Handed Gun
#Paul Newman
387Who Was The Original Choice To Play The Terminator
#O J Simpson
388What In Japan Is A Mawashi
#Sumo wrestlers belt
389If You Had Naphephillia What Turns You On
#Being Touched
390Who First Appeared In The Mysterious Affair At Styles
#Hercule Poirot
391The Film 10 Rillington Place Is Based On Which British Serial Killer
#Reginald Christie
392Cirrus Is A Cloud Type – What Literal Translation Of Its Latin Name
#Lock of Hair
393In 1925 At Windsor Bookies Went On Strike – Against What
#Betting Tax
394Name The Son / Daughter Of Eliot / Ruth Handler
#Barbie / Ken yes those dolls
395In Kipling’s Jungle Book Mang Was What Type Of Creature
39690% Of All Thoroughbreds Are Descended From What Horse
397What Is Kumiss Made From In Asia
#Fermented Cow’s Milk
398Daysypgal People Suffer From What
#Hairy Arse
399In Cookery A Ganache Is Made From Cream And What
400Whose Last Words Were – “Clito I Owe A Cock To Asclepius”
401Lily Cauchoin Became Famous As Who
#Claudette Colbert
402What Is A Brickfielder
#Hot SE Aussie wind
403William Moulton Marston Lie Detector And What Comic Character
404A Flageolet Is Another Name For What Musical Instrument
#A penny whistle
405What Have Jan Zajic And Quang Duc Got In Common
406In Mythology Who Married The Beautiful Maid Galatea
#King Pygmalion Aphrodite’s life
407What Was First Built In The Place De Greve In 1792
#The Guillotine
408Ecophobia Is A Fear Of What
409Babs Gorden Is Better Known As What Heroine
410What Is A Dogrib
#A Boat
411Lemniscate Is The Correct Name For What Symbol
412What Is The Flavour Of A Piri-Piri Sauce
413What Links Helicon Hutchinson Macmillan And Penguin
#Book Publishers
414In Ancient Greece What Was A Hoplite
415Reuben Tice Died Trying To Invent A Machine To Do What
#Dewrinkle prunes
416What Was The First Manufactured Item To Be Sold On Hire Purchase
#Singer sewing machine in the 1850s
417What Alternative Scale (Not Richter) Measures Earthquakes
418Which Magazine Is Most Often Stolen From US Libraries
#Sports Illustrated
419A Crapulous Person Is Full Of It – What
#Alcohol – it means drunk
420If You Suffered From Tantartism What Would You Be Doing
#Dancing Mania
421What Is The More Common Name Of The Chaparral Cock
#The Road Runner
422Who Wanted To Play Brody In Jaws But Spielberg Rejected Him
#Charlton Heston
423The Star Constellation Ara Has What English Name
#The Alter
424What Is A Hoblet
#A Vasectomised ferret
425In 1976 What Show Appeared On TV For The First Time
#Charlie Angels
426What Does Ludo Mean (Literally)
#I Play
427Charles Conrad Took A Cassette To The Moon On Apollo 11 Who
#Jerry Lee Lewis
428What Is A Rocky Mountain Canary
#A Donkey
429The British Army Used To Wear Puttees – What’s It Literally Mean
#Bandages from Hindu
430If You Practice Encraty What Are You Doing
#Abstinence or Self Restraint
431In Massachusetts, It Is Illegal To Deliver What On Sundays
#Diapers – Nappies
432It Is Illegal To Use What To Plough Cotton Fields In North Carolina
433In the USA By Law Only 2 Paid Services Limited To One Sex – What
#Sperm Donor Wet Nurse
434What Was The Name Of Roy Rogers Dog (Now Stuffed)
435What Unusual Flavour Did The Jell-O Company Try In 1942
436Joan Peters Became Famous As Who
#Carol Lombard
437In Which Country Are Condoms Most Commonly Used
438Dybowski’s Formosa And Japanese Are Types Of What
#Sika or Saki Deer
439At Roman Feasts Which Birds Tongues Were Delicacies
440Which Girls Name Means Farseeing
441The Romans Called It Mamcunium What Is This English City
442International Dialling Codes – What Country Has 61 As Code
443Who Created Popeye
#Elzie Seger
444What Flowers Name Translates From The Greek As Water Vessel
445Elizabethan Women Had Three What Modest, Rascal And Secret
#Petticoats were worn modest outside
446T H White Wrote The Book For Which Disney Animated Feature
#Sword in the Stone
447Who Wrote Heart Of Darkness
#Joseph Conrad
448What Flowers Name Derives From The Greek Word For Testicle
449Which TV Gangster Owns The Nightclub Called The Ba Da Bing
#Tony Soprano
450Only 55% Of Men Do What
#Wash hands after a toilet visit
451What Country Designed And Developed The Bayonet
452Which People Used To Settle Legal Disputes By Head Butting
#Inuit – Eskimo
453Who Composed The Music For The Opera The Tales Of Hoffman
#Jacques Offenbach
454Felix Hoffman Discovered The World’s First Synthetic Drug 1897?
455Who Featured On The Cover Of The First Rolling Stone Magazine
#John Lennon
456What Classic Novel Sold Only 50 Copies Authors Lifetime
#Moby Dick
457Which Building Material Gets Its Name From Arabic For The Brick
458George Simenon Created Maigret – What Nationality Was He
459Who Is The Father Of The Russian Alphabet
#Saint Cyril
460The Windhover Is An Alternative Name For Which Bird
461What Happened To The Man Who Tried To Hang Himself Over River
#The rope broke -drowned in the river
462In Lawrence Kansas It Illegal To Carry What In Your Hat
463Oil Can Henry Is The Enemy Of Which Cartoon Character
#Mighty Mouse
464In Downtown Lima Peru There Is A Brass Statue Of Who
#Winnie the Pooh
465What English King Was Killed With A Red Hot Poker Up His Arse
#Edward 2nd
466In West Virginia Nicholas County It’s Illegal To Do What In Pulpit
#Tell Jokes
467What Does A Yellow Flag Red Stripes Mean In Motor Racing
#Slippery Track
468What Was Designed And Built In Iowa 1930s By George Nissan
469In Alberta What Are You Not Allowed To Paint (It’s Illegal)
#Wooden Log
470In Hindu Philosophy What Does Yoga Literally Mean
471What Country Is Known To Its Inhabitants As Suomen Tasavalta
472Who Was The First Actress To Endorse A Product Commercially
#Lilly Langtree
473The First US Copyrighted Film Showed What In 1894
#A man sneezing
474What Crime Did Theresa Vaughn Commit 62 Times In 5 Years
#Bigamy – Tried 1922
475In Minnesota, It Is Illegal To Tease What Animal
476The Initials Pc On A Medicine Means It Should Be Taken When
#After Meals
477What Fruit Can Be Red Black Or White
478What Was Joseph Pujol – La Petomanes Stage Act
#He farted – imitating music, etc
479What Pop Group Took Their Name From A Herman Hess Novel
480What Colour Is Malachite
481By Law, Every Swiss Citizen Must Have Access To What
#Personal bomb shelter
482In Brainard Minnesota, Every Man Must Do What By Law
#Grow a Beard
483What Word Spelled The Same French, English, German, Swedish
484What Is The Technical Difference Between Rowing And Sculling
#Rowing means using a single oar
485America What Is The Second Most Common Word Said Before Die
486The First One Was 5 X 20 The First What
487Of What Are Bristol, Rockingham, Chelsea, And Minton Types
#Pottery Porcelain China
488What Links Yul Bryner Burt Lancaster WC Fields Joe E Brown
#Circus Performers
48938 Million Americans One In Five Don’t Like What
490Otalgia Is What Condition
491In Bewitched Aunt Clara Had A Collection Of What
492What Is Made By The Crush Tear Curl Process
493Two Weeks After Hatching What Is 3000 Times Its Birth Weight
#Monarch Butterfly
494What Did Jack Horner Pull From His Pie
495What Was Pirate Captain Kidd’s First Name
496Of What Are Karakul, Texel, Romney Marsh Types
497What English Word Comes From Latin For Sheath For A Sword
498Coprastastaphobia Is The Fear Of What
499Where Is The Original Spa
#Liege Belgium
500In British Columbia Is Illegal To Kill What

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