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Twenty20 (T20) Cricket

Is it cricket?
A new style of game has taken the cricketing world by storm. It is a whole new ball game, an enhancement of the one day game to make the game fast, furious, and instant. It has had the effect of brining a new audience to the sport. It is full of action and appealing to the younger crowd. The purists of the game don’t like it, but if it brings large crowds to watch cricket, it has to be good for the game overall.
The game is played on normal cricket grounds with traditional one-day rules, with the some exceptions. There are still plenty of minor rules variations, but listed here are the rules that were used for the first international game of 20/20 played in Australia, between Australia A and Pakistan on Jan 13th 2005 at the Adelaide Oval. The rules have evolved over the years as more and more games are played

T20- Cricket
T20- Cricket

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1. From when was the One Day International (ODI) Born?
=>1956 A.D

2. When was the first ODI World cCupPlayed
=>In 1975 A.D (England)

3. What is the area of the cricket ground?
=>150 yards (137.16 metres)

4. What is the Length of Pthe itch of cthe ricket ground
=>20.12 meters (75 yards)

5. What is the Width of the pitch of the cricket ground?
=>=>3.05 meters (10. ft)
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6. What is the length of the playing surface of the pitch of the cricket ground?
=> 17.68-meter minimum

7. What is the width of the playing surface of the pitch of the cricket ground?
=>1.8 meter. minimum

8. What is the width of bothe wling crease ?=>10ft (3.05 meter)

pitch -Cricket
pitch -Cricket

9. What is the length of the popping (batting, bolling) crease?
=>1.22 memeters in front of the stumps at either end.

10. How many stumps are there in each cricket match?
=>6 Stumps

11. What is the width of the wicket (three Stumps) of Cricket?
=>9 inches (22.9 cm)

12. What is the height ofthe  stump from the ground?
=>71.1 cm (28 inch)

13. How many Bails are there in each cricket match?
=>4 Bails (2 bails on each side)

14. What is the length of each Babail=>10.9 cm.

Bails- Cricket
Bails- Cricket

15. How much height should a Bail be when set on top of a Stump?
=>Not exceed then 1.27 cm.

16. What is the Maximum length of a Bat according to Cricket law?
=>96. cm. (With it’s handle)
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17. What is the Maximum width of a Bat according to cricket law?
=>10.8 cm

18. What is the Weight of a Cricket ball?
=>155.9 gram to 163 gram

19. What is the Circumference ofa  Cricket Bal ?
=>22.4 cm to 22.9 cm

20. What is the Color of Dress of Cricket test match players?
=>All White – (ttrousersShirt, shoes, etc/..)

21. What is the Color of the Dress of one day Match Cricket player?
=>Colored Outfits

22. How many Umpires are there in Cricket Match?
=>Three (3)

23. What is the Color of Bathe ll of T2the 0 Cricket match ?=>White

24. From when the Text cricket become the Form of International Cricket?
=>1876/1877 (English Cricket Team’s)

25. From when the ODI Cricket become the Form of International Cricket?
=>From 1971 A.D (England)

26. How many Countries are Now playing ODI World Cup match?
=>16 Countries
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27. When was the First T20 Cricket was Played?
=>In 2003 A.D (England Domestic Cricket)

28 .When was the first T20 International Cricket was Playe ?
=>In 2004 A.D (Between England and Newzealand)-Women T20

29. When was the first Men’s T20 International Cricket was played?
=>In 2005 A.D (between Australia and Newzealand)

30. When was the First T20 World Played?
=>In 2007 A.D (In South Africa)

31. Which Country was the Winner of the first T20 World cup ?=>India

Indian Women Cricket Team
Indian Women’s Cricket Team

32. What is the time Interval of Playing T20 Worldcup ?=>2 Years

33. Mentions Important Rules of T20 Cricket.

These are general rules, which are being modified over time and they are not used in this form for each game or at all tournaments.

✪ There are twenty overs only per side.

✪ Each bowler is restricted to a maximum of four overs.

✪ Fielding restrictions in the first six overs – two fielders outside the circle with a minimum of two stationary fielders.

✪ Fielding restrictions for overs 7-20 – maximum of five fielders allowed outside of the circle.

✪ A ‘no-ball’ is worth 2 runs, and the batsman gets a free hit after a no-ball.

✪ Each side has just 80 minutes to get through their 20 overs. There are minutes between innings.

✪ There are run penalties for each over which hasn’t been bowled in the allocated time.

✪ The next batsman has 90 seconds after the fall of a wicket to get to the crease.

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